HD wallpapers for the newest Windows 8!


A difference has been much speculated and observed amongst the newest versions of the operating systems Microsoft introduced and continues to introduce in the coming years. The company had been one of the sole creators of the most user friendly interface operating systems for the computers that not only are used up till now but [...]

The enticing themes of the newest Windows 8!


For decades, Microsoft has been serving a purpose of entertaining and fulfilling the digital needs of the people all around the world in terms of their softwares and user interfaces that drove almost all the laptops and personal computers in the world. It is not much doubted to configure that Microsoft still holds the strongest [...]

Adobe Photoshop for windows! How to get it for free?

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    In the design and creative industry, this design editing software by Adobe has proven itself to be one of the best editing softwares in the world, providing ease to the designers in every field. Adobe Photoshop has been one of the most acquired softwares not only among the professionals but also the design [...]

Kindle reading app with exotic features for new Windows


    Reading apps are considered to be effective applications for all and people read and download books and articles on various topics. Many operating systems like Windows XP, windows 7 or 8 etc have various apps those are awesome and authorized by standard companies include Amazon Kindle. Kindle is the best reading app provided [...]

Dolphin Browser for pc free download windows 7/8/xp

Dolphin Web Browser

Dolphin is an iPhone/Android web browser primarily for use on smartphones but can also be used on a PC or mac computer as a free download. It is suitable for Windows 7/8/XP. To run it on a PC you have to use some sort of emulation software (details of how to install below). Dolphin is [...]

Turbo Charge your Computer with PC Optimizer Free Download for Windows 7

PC optimizer

Installing an Antivirus and keeping it up to date is not the only thing you need to do to keep your Windows PC working in fine fettle. There are lots of bottlenecks and other issues a Windows PC can have, all of which can seriously affect your performance. There are many software options available to [...]

Speed up your PC with Kingsoft PC Doctor free download

Kingsoft PC Doctor

Feeling frustrated by a slow computer? Everyone wants to get the best performance from their computer but upgrading to latest laptop or desktop PC is not always feasible. The technology you are using today will be overtaken by new, faster hardware and it will become cluttered by unused programs and files. So what can you [...]

Run Multiple OS’s with Virtual PC free download

Virtual PC

What can you do when your favorite program is incompatible with the operating-systems you are currently running? In this situation we either install two operating-systems and boot from each one in turn or use ‘Virtual Machines’ that will let you run another operating-system at the same time as your existing one (in a separate program [...]

Alienware 2013 Theme Pack for Windows 7/8 (Download)

Alienware Theme for Windows

Being a part of this technology world, I do most of my work on computer. I just love to work on my computer because it helps me perform work faster. I’m always looking for changing the theme of my Windows PC and Alienware 2013 themes are really impressive. Frankly speaking, it’s not about my love or [...]

YouWave Android Emulator for Windows Free Download

Best Android Apps 2013

Android is taking the portable gaming to the next level. Developers are working hard to bring high-end games and you might be having many games on your Android device. Apart from the games, the apps are also getting launched in a big number everyday. It is good that you own Android device and can have [...]

Top Free Entertainment Apps for Windows 8 [2013]

Windows 8 Store

Entertainment is most important in everyday’s stressful life of the modern era. It helps me relax after a long horrible day sitting out on my chair in my cubical. These free entertainment apps are not for continuing use but for short time interval they are quite effective. On my new Windows 8 smartphone I’ve access [...]

Download and Install Evernote App on Windows PC

Evernote App on Windows

I know it’s not an easy deal to remember each and every task on the daily basis as we all have very tight schedule. Evernote is one such app that allows saving important notes, to do tasks and tells us about them on the required time. Evernote is very popular on the iOS devices but [...]

Download Torch Browser for Windows 7 or 8 for Free [Review]

Torch Browser

I know you’ve got the Chrome or the Firefox’s Mozilla web browser and you don’t need to look for any other but I’m aware of another fact i.e. you use separate programs for video and torrent downloading. This is true, you must be using separate software which allows you to download videos from websites like [...]

Nokia PC Suite for Windows 8/7/XP (Download Latest Version)

Nokia PC Suite

Have you ever tried to connect your Nokia mobile with Computer? If yes? then you might have only seen the micro SD card into “My computer” if Nokia PC  Suite Software is not installed. Well! by using that application you will be able to enjoy many of the fantastic features. So, today I have written [...]

Samsung PC Suite & Mobile Drivers for Win 8/7/XP (Download Free)

Samsung PC Studio

Now Samsung PC Suite or Studio is available for free download along with Samsung Mobile Drivers for Windows 7/8 and Win XP, before going in deep into the topic of Samsung Mobile PC Suite Download I would like to give you a small introduction, lets have a look. The company has achieved a high success [...]

ooVoo for PC (Windows & Mac) : Download Free


You know my parents are very good that they have gifted me a Mac with Internet facility on it. But wait! may parents’ intentions behind this is not same of mine. They want me to study from the Internet, and I also want to do the same, but can’t do as I have become addicted to [...]

Current Version Plugin Windows Presentation Foundation

Windows Presentation Foundation

At the time of opening your Mozilla Firefox, you may have find something NEW! and that is Windows Presentation foundation Plugin due to regular updates by Microsoft. To bring changes in old ways of working and experience future updates in today’s world, Microsoft comes up with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, formerly known as ‘Avalon‘). It is a unified object [...]

FilePost Premium Link Generator

Filepost Premium link generator

Whenever people think of sharing bulky file with the help of various E-mail sites, they feel exhausted due to less uploading and downloading speed. And those providing high speed charges premium prices. I come here with a solution for same problem. FilePost is best option and recommended to all my readers due to its high [...]

Windows 8 Power Options & Settings

Windows 8 is new operating system from Microsoft and we all know that its loaded with great features and many of us has now started using it but many of us are still now aware about the classic things which many people from the days of Win 97 is using. And today also those are [...]

Top 3 Free Antivirus for Windows 8

sing computer system means you have to deal with various types of virus and malicious things which arises the need of Antivirus software to save your system from things like viruses, spywares, torjans, etc which really harms your PC. But now its an aware fact that nothing is available for free and these Anti-virus programs also. [...]