Alienware 2013 Theme Pack for Windows 7/8 (Download)

Alienware Theme for Windows

Being a part of this technology world, I do most of my work on computer. I just love to work on my computer because it helps me perform work faster. I’m always looking for changing the theme of my Windows PC and Alienware 2013 themes are really impressive. Frankly speaking, it’s not about my love or [...]

Top Rainmeter Enigma Theme, Suite or Skin in 2013

Rainmeter Enigma Themes 2013

If you want to change the look of your desktop and also want to have new design controls then Rainmeter themes are the best one. Their unique design is perfect and you will surely like the different skins and suites. You can choose your favorite theme easily and add that to your windows desktop. The [...]

3 Best Rainmeter Clock for Windows 7

Rainmeter Digital Clock

Rainmeter as we all know is one of the best software which allows Windows users to customize their computer. With this app one can easily set the innumerable Gadgets into the desktop like Whether, Anime, Clock, etc. They add extra beauty to your system and today also I am going to share such an article on Rainmeter Clock [...]

Top 4 Windows 8 Themes of 2013

We all are aware that Microsoft has now introduced its best and one of the most awaited operating system namely Windows 8 which was officially and completely launched in the late 2012. Upon its release it has now being downloaded millions time all over the world and many of us have already purchased it original license also. And I [...]

Best Rainmeter Themes & Skins

Rainmeter Enigma Themes 2013

Rainmeter is one of the top most application available which allows you to customize your whole operating system by giving it completely new look and enhanced power. It is basically a type of customization software same like that of Rocketdock which adds variant colors and icons, so that users can enjoy eye pleasing appearance. Among, Best Rainmeter themes [...]

RocketDock Skins Free Download [3+]

As we all know that RocketDock is one of the finest program which is meant to please users with its advanced and extra graphic features. But what if still our crave for design is not fulfilled, then you have to customize things with your own ease and comfort-ability and that will work wonders if you really [...]

RocketDock Icons Pack : Download For Free

RocketDock is very well know and most popular animated dock application for Windows users. It is mainly the desktop customization software which enables us to design and give new look to our system. Basically, it can even be defined as simple and effective shortcut manager which launches applications in better manner with usability and flexibility. Well! I [...]

Cool Windows 8 Gadgets For Desktop

Windows 8 is one of the latest and not yet released operating system powered by Microsoft. In spite its not yet launched, users have started to show keen interest in its themes, icons, etc. Though the material is not from official source, people then also download and use it. Meanwhile, when  talking about Windows 8 [...]

Windows 8 Desktop Backgrounds & Wallpapers

We all are aware with that, Windows 8 is the latest and up coming operating system from the soul Microsoft which is the leader of other OS too. It is already released with its pre-review version for developers but has not yet available for general users and customers, though its an great craze for Win8 [...]

RocketDock for Windows 8 to Download Free is an great application having the capacity to give your desktop best look and design then ever. Powering with animation, icons, colors, docks, etc is what RocketDock  is all about. With this customization software you can easily handle all your shortcuts like video, images, programs, etc in an better enjoyable way. This has the [...]

Windows 8 Blinds for Customizing Desktop

Win 8 is already the rocking operating system introduced for its customization and design, but their are many hungry users who need to beautify it by customizing Windows 8 desktop with colorful blinds. It always gives different effects to your system, but the more concentration to be given that one can manage its computer with [...]

ObjectDock for Windows 8 to Customize Desktop

ObjectDock is basically an application which is widely used to add favorite shortcuts to the main desktop screen, it is the best software ever made to give new look in Windows OS. And its a very good news for all the users that is now available for Windows 8 to Customize the Desktop. To add extra [...]