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How to Create Google Labs SMS Channels

Google Labs SMS Channels

Google Labs – the provider of tons of developer applications and features brings another great function of creating SMS Channels. This is basically a type of free subscription service which gives you access to tons of texts about : Jokes, Music, Horoscope, Tips, etc. Going afar, this service is now jumped in blogging industry. Previously, [...]

Top 5 Services to Shorten Link URL

Often we come over things that need to be hided. Consider a situation when you don’t want to reveal your real link and want to send it to friend or enemy.  Its online program which can convert real  into small and portal-able one and you can easily redirect to be hided. Its one of the easiest [...]

Cool Windows 8 Gadgets For Desktop

Windows 8 is one of the latest and not yet released operating system powered by Microsoft. In spite its not yet launched, users have started to show keen interest in its themes, icons, etc. Though the material is not from official source, people then also download and use it. Meanwhile, when  talking about Windows 8 [...]

Docks for Windows 7 – Download Free [Top 5]

Windows 7 is one of the greatest operating system with many fantastic features and customization, but frankly speaking our lust for more decorations and design is still not fulfilled. So, here comes the best Docks which you can use for Windows 7 os which will let you customize your system at the peak. Docks are the [...]

Windows 8 Blinds for Customizing Desktop

Win 8 is already the rocking operating system introduced for its customization and design, but their are many hungry users who need to beautify it by customizing Windows 8 desktop with colorful blinds. It always gives different effects to your system, but the more concentration to be given that one can manage its computer with [...]

ObjectDock for Windows 8 to Customize Desktop

ObjectDock is basically an application which is widely used to add favorite shortcuts to the main desktop screen, it is the best software ever made to give new look in Windows OS. And its a very good news for all the users that is now available for Windows 8 to Customize the Desktop. To add extra [...]