Reviewing the latest Acer Iconia W4!


Since the evolution of the manufactured tablets industry, there has been a huge increase in it since the invention of latest processing softwares, applications, functions, enhanced specifications, better resolution and last but not the least, the touch sensitivity experience which is reaching new heights in terms of its innovativeness and exposure over the last few [...]

Kindle reading app with exotic features for new Windows


    Reading apps are considered to be effective applications for all and people read and download books and articles on various topics. Many operating systems like Windows XP, windows 7 or 8 etc have various apps those are awesome and authorized by standard companies include Amazon Kindle. Kindle is the best reading app provided [...]

Sony PS4 Confirms Release Date and Price

sony ps4 release date

Gaming enthusiasts and addicts have another reason to smile with the announcement of the much awaited Sony PS4 release date and price. Sony, through its Gamescom 2013 press conference confirmed that their new much anticipated next-generation console would retail in stores later this year. PS4 is set to be launched in the United States and [...]

The Nokia Lumia 1520 – Expected Specs and Release Date


Introducing the expected specifications and release date of the rumoured Nokia Lumia 1520. In the last few months, Microsoft and its accomplices, especially Nokia, have been trying hard to make a stand with the innovative new smartphone OS, Windows Phone 8. During these months, the Windows Phone 8 has gained some amount of respect in [...]

LG Electronics Introduces the LG G2, Pt. 2-A: LG’s Five Areas of Innovation

LG G2 Writing in the Sand

  In Part 1, I covered LG’s interest in humans and the view that, though humans are imperfect, they are the closest thing to perfection on earth. In short, to make a perfect smartphone (or something close to that), we must study humans to create a masterpiece. This brings new meaning to the statement “From [...]

LG Electronics Introduces the LG G2, Employs Human Research, Pt. 1

LG G2 Announcement

I have never been one to try LG products that much, nor do I have much experience with LG products. I understand that LG Electronics is an Android manufacturer of smartphones, but I have spent the last few years more invested in Samsung and Google in the Android world than I have LG, Sony, HTC, [...]

LG Introduces the LG G2, Pt. 2-B: LG’s Five Major Areas of Innovation (Continued)

LG G2 Interstate Sign Message

    In Pt. 2-A of LG’s five major areas of innovation with the LG G2, I talked about the design and the display. It was said there that LG transformed its design and display with humans in mind. At the same time, however, I made the point that LG’s emphasis on “sub-pixels” attempts to [...]

Motorola Responds to the Critics: Moto X Engineer Iqbal Arshad Takes to CNET, Part 1

Moto X Engineer Iqbal Arshad

The Moto X was only announced ten days ago, and both commenters and critics have responded to the phone’s specs since it was announced. The Moto X comes with a 1280 x 720 screen resolution, 4.7-inch display, a 1.7 Ghz, dual-core processor, 720p video recording, and can be customized according to both colors and accents [...]

Bringin’ Back the Flip Phone: Samsung’s Galaxy Golden

Galaxy Folder to Sell As Galaxy Golden

I remember back a few years ago when I had a Motorola Razr touchscreen cell phone. It had the flip phone design, but came with a dual-screen capability that let me perform operations on the front screen but use the back of the screen later to make phone calls, send text messages, and so on. [...]

Microsoft Surface RT tablet vs iPad Commercial, Compares “Apples” to Oranges

Microsoft Surface RT vs. iPad 4 Photo No. 1

Microsoft seems to be attacking the iPad heavily these days. It’s a sign of the times: the company recently wrote off $900 million worth of Surface tablets that the public did not purchase from Microsoft, while only netting some $850 million in tablet sales. When you’re writing off tablets you failed to sell, something has [...]

Message your friends for free with Whatsapp for Blackberry


BlackBerry is still a popular and preferred smartphone brand and there are a huge number of people using BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry is the best smartphone in terms of security and professionalism and the QWERTY keyboard is great for writing quick emails and texts (specially if you have butter-fingers!). It used to be the case that [...]

Guide to using UC browser for PC (free download version)

UC Browser for PC

So many people loved the UC mobile browser that there was huge demand for a free download version which runs on a PC. This can be achieved by running the browser using an emulation environment – see our previous post for where to download this: UC browser for PC free download. However, a software development [...]

The Best Tablets Available and Trending in 2013

iPad Mini

Tablet PCs have been trending mostly since last year and now people are moving from laptops towards tablets. Using the tablet you can surf internet, get your mails, use apps, play games, etc. The best thing about the tablet is that it has a wide display and that too with the touch screen technology. The [...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price List in India 2013

Galaxy S4 Price List

Good news for those who really love the Galaxy smartphones from Samsung. Galaxy S4 Price has been announced and it will be available from the next month (April) across the world. Those who already knew all the things (specs, features) about the Galaxy S4 must be looking for the price list of it in their [...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini – Next Rumored Smartphone [Roundup]

Samsung Galaxy S4 - mini Prototype

Let see what happens with the sales graph of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone that was recently launched but if it gets the success then it will be apps behind that. Galaxy S4 is really having lots of smart apps that are still not available in any other smartphone but the design and other features [...]

Next Smartphone & Android OS – The LG Nexus 5 Rumors


Now it’s getting late for Google to launch a new version of Android operating system and hopefully it will be done with the upcoming expected smartphone, the LG Nexus 5. Last Nexus device was also manufactured by the LG and it was running on the fresh version of the Jelly Bean operating system. This time [...]

First Flight Courier Tracking & Check Status Online

First Flight Courier

Today, I am going to post about First Flight Courier Tracking Service which will help easily help you to check its status online. What? You don’t know about First Flight Couriers? then keep on Reading this introducing and if you have complete knowledge about it and want to directly jump to the main part then start reading the article [...]

Torrific Alternatives & Similar Sites

Torrific Alternatives

Torrific is one of the best website where you will be able to download the torrent files easily. Using such sites you can easily get tons of songs, software, etc without extra efforts and sites such as Torrific helps one to download files from such sites. But, due to some reason this awesome downloader duped which shocked [...]

BSNL Penta T-Pad WS707C Tablet Price & Specs 2013

BSNL Penta T-Pad WS707C

BSNL Penta T-Pad WS707C is a 7-inch tablet which is recently launched in Febuary 2013 by BSNL telecom company in India with a minimum price tag of Rs 7800 INR with great features and processors which gives perfect hand power to users using this version of tablet. It comes with the processing speed of 1.0 [...]

Lenovo IdeaPhone A586 Features & Price in India & China

Lenovo IdeaPhone A586

Lenovo Mobiles has released its new SmartPhone namely Lenovo IdeaPhone A586 having great and fantastic features like voice unlocking, efficient maps, etc. Also it is featured with the big and giant 4.5 inch smooth touch screen. Its new technology (which is world’s first ever technology) of “Voice Unlocking” is created by Baidu (China’s Biggest Search [...]