2014’s 10 most preeminent digital tablets!


There has almost been a race over in the digital world over the past few years in getting to be at the top at exploring digital gadgets and exploring and introducing new technologies and possibilities to the people. Some of the companies and the brands have come quite far and excelled pretty much in the [...]

Fujitsu Celsius H730 – reviewing the workstation!


Like all the other laptop manufacturing brands, there has been a huge convergence in the technology and innovation and performance enhancing by Fujitsu. The brand has been one of the biggest and most reliable sources in providing people with latest and most reliable means of technology whether in terms of laptops or any other technology. [...]

Dell Precision M3800 – the tantalizing Dell experience!


With the increasing adoption in mobile technology, one might seem to observe possible interest being vague in using and purchasing a notebook. Previously notebooks have been widely recognized, used and purchased. But still with the growing advancement in technology and innovators constantly hitting new heights in inventing new stuff for the users, the laptop market [...]

Reviewing the latest Acer Iconia W4!


Since the evolution of the manufactured tablets industry, there has been a huge increase in it since the invention of latest processing softwares, applications, functions, enhanced specifications, better resolution and last but not the least, the touch sensitivity experience which is reaching new heights in terms of its innovativeness and exposure over the last few [...]

Samsung ATIV book 9 Lite – pros and cons!

download (1)

    Like many other Samsung products, recently introduced is a notebook stated as Samsung ATIV book 9 Lite. It was launched adjacently to another Samsung notebook (Samsung ATIV book 9 plus). With its premium features and reasonable price value, this notebook has already received positive reviews from its users. Since it’s a manufactured product [...]

Avast Antivirus 2014 – stay safe!


    Considered to be one of the most steadfast sources for safety against internet viruses, Avast antivirus is recognized by over 200 million devices in the world. With its stronger protection systems designed for the users to have a safer browsing experience, it is considered to be one of the most promising antivirus solutions [...]

UC Browser for Windows Phone Review Version 3.1

uc browser for windows phone version 3.1 review

UCWeb, a worldwide leader in providing mobile internet services and software, unveiled UC Browser for Windows phone Version 3.1. This article reviews the new edition and it comes with a lot of improvements. This has made the browser the top item on Windows Phone store. Over 17,000 positive reviews from the US alone have already [...]

Why the iPhone 5C leads and others follow

iphone 5c

The iPhone 5C introduction to the market was seen as a counter tactic for Apple to win the fast shrinking market after android powered models moved to win the low cost market ends. The iPhone 5C has not disappointed. The phone came with most features found in iPhone 4 and the market demand continues soaring. [...]

In a Class By Itself? Why the GS4 Takes the Crown Over the HTC One

HTC One in Aqua Blue

It is morning here, and I’ve spent the last near hour reading and mulling over the latest HTC One review online from a tech site that I respect and admire. I am always reading on the latest smartphone reviews and am intrigued to learn what others think about some of the top smartphones on the [...]

Reasons Why the 2012 Nexus 7 Is Still As Good As the 2013 Nexus 7

Nexus 7 (2012) -- Front Display

Google unveiled its new, 2013 Nexus 7 last month, and with the Nexus 7 (2012) 2012 Nexus 7 tablet being a little over a year old now, some wonder if the old tablet is worth buying. Most consumers seem to think “out with the old, in with the new,” and Google’s newest seven-inch darling seems [...]

What Can We Know About Apple’s iPhone 5S? Some Thoughts From a Reliable Analyst

iPhone 5S to come in champagne color

    It’s that time of year again when rumors abound as to what Apple’s got up its sleeve next. September is the month in which Apple reveals its new products, although the company’s first iPad Mini debuted last October instead of September. Apple chose to create a second event a few weeks after the [...]

Motorola Responds to the Moto X Phone Critics, Part 2: Motorola Engineer Iqbal Arshad Slams Samsung, HTC, and Defends the Moto X

Moto X- An All Around Smartphone

Did you see the Moto X phone banner placed in the New York Times, Washington Post, and other places around July 4th? The entire point of the ad was to discuss the freedom of Americans and how consumers should have the “freedom” to craft their smartphones the way they want. Google is to be credited [...]

Bringin’ Back the Flip Phone: Samsung’s Galaxy Golden

Galaxy Folder to Sell As Galaxy Golden

I remember back a few years ago when I had a Motorola Razr touchscreen cell phone. It had the flip phone design, but came with a dual-screen capability that let me perform operations on the front screen but use the back of the screen later to make phone calls, send text messages, and so on. [...]

Microsoft Surface RT tablet vs iPad Commercial, Compares “Apples” to Oranges

Microsoft Surface RT vs. iPad 4 Photo No. 1

Microsoft seems to be attacking the iPad heavily these days. It’s a sign of the times: the company recently wrote off $900 million worth of Surface tablets that the public did not purchase from Microsoft, while only netting some $850 million in tablet sales. When you’re writing off tablets you failed to sell, something has [...]

Message your friends for free with Whatsapp for Blackberry


BlackBerry is still a popular and preferred smartphone brand and there are a huge number of people using BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry is the best smartphone in terms of security and professionalism and the QWERTY keyboard is great for writing quick emails and texts (specially if you have butter-fingers!). It used to be the case that [...]

Guide to using UC browser for PC (free download version)

UC Browser for PC

So many people loved the UC mobile browser that there was huge demand for a free download version which runs on a PC. This can be achieved by running the browser using an emulation environment – see our previous post for where to download this: UC browser for PC free download. However, a software development [...]

A Must-Read Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung is trying extremely hard to get people to buy its latest Galaxy android smartphone – the Galaxy S4. You will probably have seen the adverts over the internet, TV and also on radio channels that shows just how much Samsung is trying to sell their S4 to you. The Samsung marketing team is really [...]

Top 6 Internet Browsers of 2013 (New)

Apple Safari

Internet browser is a program that allows access to the internet. Internet is a vast collection of web pages having lots of information. Now to access web pages, web browser is needed. Internet browser is capable of reading all the programming languages using which web pages have been developed. Most popular languages are PHP, HTML [...]

Top Classified Sites in India (Free) 2013 List


If you have been an Internet user from quite sometime, then you must be familiar with ‘Classified Sites’. Oh! you don’t even have heard the name? Pretty sad! So let me tell, its a kind of websites and online network same as advertisements center where you are able to post your own ads for free [...]

CBFSMS.com : Send Free SMS in UK (United Kingdom)


If you like to dive in the sea of words, and keep reading books, then you might know about the general saying that ‘Man is Social Animal’. To how much extent this saying is true. For me, the statement clocks at perfect 100 percent mark. Anyways, the nature of human beings to stay connected with [...]