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Unblock YouTube Proxy Sites & Servers List 2013

Unblock YouTube Without Proxy

We all know that YouTube is world’s largest video media website where millions of people see video and gain lots of new information. But there are some countries where using such media is banned like China recently blocked Google.com and its many other services. Well, even some school and offices also block it. So today, [...]

Web Of Trust (WOT) Add-on for Firefox, Chrome & IE

Web Of Trust (WOT) Addon

Today’s world is not at all safe as their are many securities problems as well as virus and spyware issues. Also there are many software and Antivirus are available to cure such cases but most of them don’t have specialize in online world. So today I am going to review out Web OF Trust (WOT) [...]

ooVoo for PC (Windows & Mac) : Download Free


You know my parents are very good that they have gifted me a Mac with Internet facility on it. But wait! may parents’ intentions behind this is not same of mine. They want me to study from the Internet, and I also want to do the same, but can’t do as I have become addicted to [...]

Free Proxy Sites 2013 (Top 10 List)

Proxy Sites 2013

We all know about Proxy sites, its basically a online tool which allows users to access or surf banned websites like Facebook in Pakistan, Google in China. Or say your account is banned on particular forum and you want to get back access their as your IP (Internet Provider) is blocked, what so ever be [...]

CBFSMS.com : Send Free SMS in UK (United Kingdom)


If you like to dive in the sea of words, and keep reading books, then you might know about the general saying that ‘Man is Social Animal’. To how much extent this saying is true. For me, the statement clocks at perfect 100 percent mark. Anyways, the nature of human beings to stay connected with [...]

How to Use & Set Up ooVoo?


We people love to share our best things with friends and family but never able to share that with all at one time. So, i try to find some solution for this difficulty on internet and at last found solution then  i thought to share same with my readers. Lets start with its name i.e. ooVoo.com. I know many people [...]

FreakShare Premium Link Generator 2013

FreakShare Premium Link Generator

Whenever people want to convey some file to their Bose colleagues, friends, or any other person, they have to rely on Email and other such websites only and those other link Generator charge for Premium price to provide such facility with high speed and large data storage facility for long period. FreakShare is one of the website in 2013 which will provide you [...]

FaceTime for PC (MAC) Download

FaceTime Mac

Ever seen dream of talking with your beloved in one touch button? If Yes, Then here is the solution provided by most trusted company Apple. That is, One of the good video telephony software application,  FaceTime released on Fab 24, 2011. As Apple work with Macintosh (Mac)  operating system ,this video telephony is only supported to it [...]

Hooda Math Red Remover Game

Hooda Math Red Remover

Gaz Thomas is the founder of Hooda Math which provides exciting game for children and tries to increase their capacity to learn math. This site is particularly all about maths and it includes games on all topic of maths. They divided the category based on topics which children find difficult during their regular work and [...]

Debridmax (Multi-Debrid) : All Premium Link Generator


Have you ever heard about Debridmax? No? Then read out further. Many a times it happens that you want to download heavy file from hosts like FileShare, Oron, Uploaded.to, etc and you can’t buy their premium account for just the matter of one or two files. So you basically go with premium link generators which [...]

FilePost Premium Link Generator

Filepost Premium link generator

Whenever people think of sharing bulky file with the help of various E-mail sites, they feel exhausted due to less uploading and downloading speed. And those providing high speed charges premium prices. I come here with a solution for same problem. FilePost is best option and recommended to all my readers due to its high [...]

How To Open Proxy Sites For Free?

How to Open Proxy Websites

We often to website where are blocked to our access like recently Google got blocked in China and in many other countries Facebook is also blocked so that no one can access from their Internet Connection. But now you want to access it then here you must know that how to open Proxy Sites and [...]

Windows 8 Power Options & Settings

Windows 8 is new operating system from Microsoft and we all know that its loaded with great features and many of us has now started using it but many of us are still now aware about the classic things which many people from the days of Win 97 is using. And today also those are [...]

3 Best Rainmeter Clock for Windows 7

Rainmeter Digital Clock

Rainmeter as we all know is one of the best software which allows Windows users to customize their computer. With this app one can easily set the innumerable Gadgets into the desktop like Whether, Anime, Clock, etc. They add extra beauty to your system and today also I am going to share such an article on Rainmeter Clock [...]

Top 3 Free Antivirus for Windows 8

sing computer system means you have to deal with various types of virus and malicious things which arises the need of Antivirus software to save your system from things like viruses, spywares, torjans, etc which really harms your PC. But now its an aware fact that nothing is available for free and these Anti-virus programs also. [...]

Download Internet Explorer 10 [IE10] For Windows 7

Its very good news for you all guys that Internet Explorer 10 is now available for Microsoft’s Windows 7 Operating System. IE10 has already been pre-installed in Win 8 but people from all over the world has been waiting to taste the same in their current OS and now their wishes has truly came alive as we [...]

Top 4 Windows 8 Themes of 2013

We all are aware that Microsoft has now introduced its best and one of the most awaited operating system namely Windows 8 which was officially and completely launched in the late 2012. Upon its release it has now being downloaded millions time all over the world and many of us have already purchased it original license also. And I [...]

Download Ultrasurf Latest Version for Free

Your computer is not safe from malwares, spywares and other possible threats. There are many sites and viruses, which are always popping up without warning and trying to get into your hardware and software and ruining them. You are always in danger but one cannot simply stop work and be afraid of these proxies and [...]

Download Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer

When it comes to access the Internet, then Google Chrome is the first choice of every web user. With lots of interesting features, this awesome web browser from the search giant Google has availed the no. 1 spot in the browsers’ list. Well, it’s pretty obvious as the users want the quality and a wide [...]

Download Skype Offline Installer (Standalone)

The Internet has changed the way we use to communicate with others. Nowadays, most of the people rely on Internet to communicate with their loving beings. Well, it’s not any wondering thing as Internet is the fastest way to connect with others. Not only the text, people nowadays prefer to have face to face chat [...]