Sketch Guru for PC! Getting it on Windows computers!


Like many other Android and iOS games available in the market, there are certain games that vary with the usual genres of the games presumed to be played on the internet by most of the people. Since the changing trends and the differing choices of the people which are changing over time and due to [...]

Subway Surfers cheat pack! One stop to find it all!

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    Like numerous other games that went flourishing globally in android and iOS markets when introduced, subway surfers proves to be one of them.  With its ever intriguing game procedure and the graphics it proved to be one of the premium android games which is now not only successful on smartphones but also can [...]

Minecraft for everyone! Why so captivating? How to get in on PC?


    And here we are discussing the blocky formation, quirky sounds, and almost as rough as an 8-bit structured game called the Minecraft. What is the most entrancing factor about it that not only teenagers but kids and adults also love to play it? According to figures confirmed, approximately 33 million people around the [...]

How to Sign Up to Twitter and Login

Sign up for Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging website which every brand or personal brand is using. By personal brand I’m pointing towards all impressive or famous/popular personalities around the world. Politicians, Actors, Actress, Singers, Dancers, Directors, Writers, etc all have their profile on Twitter and they share their thoughts with the rest of the world via Twitter. [...]

How to Sign Up to Yahoo Mail and Login

Sign up to Yahoo mail

Yahoo isn’t the best e-mail service to sign up with but it still has its uses. It’s not the best because of its weak user interface and of course, the bunch of advertisements which can be annoying. Yahoo has lots of additional services which it provides to users who have signed up with Yahoo. It’s [...]

How to Sign Up to Facebook and Login


Facebook is the most addictive social networking right now and it’s going to be at the same position for at least another year. Why am I saying that it’s going to stay for one year? Recent Facebook marketing strategies gave opportunities to its users to use advertisements to promote their products and services. This infected [...]

Guide to using UC browser for PC (free download version)

UC Browser for PC

So many people loved the UC mobile browser that there was huge demand for a free download version which runs on a PC. This can be achieved by running the browser using an emulation environment – see our previous post for where to download this: UC browser for PC free download. However, a software development [...]

How to Speed Up Google Chrome Instantly

Speed Up Google Chrome Instantly

Chrome is the fastest web browser but still users are not satisfied with its speed. It is based on Chromium source code which offers better security, fastest browsing speed and better stability. Speed Up Google Chrome Instantly But for those users who are not satisfied with the browsing speed they are getting via Chrome I’m [...]

Top 6 Internet Browsers of 2013 (New)

Apple Safari

Internet browser is a program that allows access to the internet. Internet is a vast collection of web pages having lots of information. Now to access web pages, web browser is needed. Internet browser is capable of reading all the programming languages using which web pages have been developed. Most popular languages are PHP, HTML [...]

How to Create Google Chrome Themes Online for Free

Create Google Chrome Themes

Creating your own Google Chrome theme is very easy. You don’t need to learn any kind of coding or programming language to do so. You can easily make your own chrome theme. As such themes will be created by you so they will be called custom themes so I’ll be using this term in the [...]

Facebook Dislike & Middle Finger Emoticons Codes

Facebook Dislike Code

Facebook is one of the best social networking website and theirs no doubt in it, here I’m not going to repeat any FB history but I want to make you know that Facebook Dislike Emoticons Code is now available, you can use this FB Dislike emoticon or smileys. Along with  that I have also introduced the [...]

How to Unblock YouTube Without Proxy?

Unblock YouTube Without Proxy

You know YouTube is my favorite website that I am addicted to high extent. I can be found watching videos on it every, now and then. I know I am not the only addict to that site but their are many like me here. May be you as well! Yes? Oh! you like it but [...]

Unblock YouTube Proxy Sites & Servers List 2013

Unblock YouTube Without Proxy

We all know that YouTube is world’s largest video media website where millions of people see video and gain lots of new information. But there are some countries where using such media is banned like China recently blocked and its many other services. Well, even some school and offices also block it. So today, [...]

Web Of Trust (WOT) Add-on for Firefox, Chrome & IE

Web Of Trust (WOT) Addon

Today’s world is not at all safe as their are many securities problems as well as virus and spyware issues. Also there are many software and Antivirus are available to cure such cases but most of them don’t have specialize in online world. So today I am going to review out Web OF Trust (WOT) [...]

Free Proxy Sites 2013 (Top 10 List)

Proxy Sites 2013

We all know about Proxy sites, its basically a online tool which allows users to access or surf banned websites like Facebook in Pakistan, Google in China. Or say your account is banned on particular forum and you want to get back access their as your IP (Internet Provider) is blocked, what so ever be [...]

FreakShare Premium Link Generator 2013

FreakShare Premium Link Generator

Whenever people want to convey some file to their Bose colleagues, friends, or any other person, they have to rely on Email and other such websites only and those other link Generator charge for Premium price to provide such facility with high speed and large data storage facility for long period. FreakShare is one of the website in 2013 which will provide you [...]

How to Delete/Cancle Account?

It’s been almost one month that Microsoft released the email service to the public. Great buzz was there about it and it indeed deserves so. Many new features are added in this email service so as to give tough competition to well-renowned email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail. Intuitive interface, better access to features, [...]

How to Delete Way2SMS Account ?

Way2SMS is one of the India’s largest portal which allows users to send unlimited SMS across the country. It has startling features which attracts people to register their and to access their service, but what if you don’t like this site and want to get rid of it. Here is the option that you can easily [...]

Best Google Chrome Backgrounds

Chrome is one of the best and fastest internet browser which I am using from years ago and still enjoying its every move, not only me but its loved by billions of people all over the world because of its fantastic functions that completely makes this explorer mind blowing and effective. Must Read - How to [...]