Blood and Glory – Get it for free on PC!


There are certain genres of games in the gaming industry which are still an addiction to most of the players all around the world. Certain group of players all over the world still likes to play fight sequences and mostly opt for a play station or an x-box. But considering the requirements of users who [...]

Sketch Guru for PC! Getting it on Windows computers!


Like many other Android and iOS games available in the market, there are certain games that vary with the usual genres of the games presumed to be played on the internet by most of the people. Since the changing trends and the differing choices of the people which are changing over time and due to [...]

Mountain Climb Race 3 – Get it on PC!


Almost all the games now days that show up whether on android or iOS markets are getting of tons of buzz and are being downloaded and experimented by people every single day. It is not a doubt at all to state that people are now even more eager to find out about new games and [...]

Clumsy Bird for PC – Get it for free!


There have been a number of games getting famous for their random yet mind boggling concept structures, their overall graphics, the animation and most of all the characters themselves. These typed of games have always been famous amongst children and adults alike. The reason being these games are a source of amusement and relaxation for [...]

Fujitsu Celsius H730 – reviewing the workstation!


Like all the other laptop manufacturing brands, there has been a huge convergence in the technology and innovation and performance enhancing by Fujitsu. The brand has been one of the biggest and most reliable sources in providing people with latest and most reliable means of technology whether in terms of laptops or any other technology. [...]

Dell Precision M3800 – the tantalizing Dell experience!


With the increasing adoption in mobile technology, one might seem to observe possible interest being vague in using and purchasing a notebook. Previously notebooks have been widely recognized, used and purchased. But still with the growing advancement in technology and innovators constantly hitting new heights in inventing new stuff for the users, the laptop market [...]

Subway Surfers cheat pack! One stop to find it all!

download (1)

    Like numerous other games that went flourishing globally in android and iOS markets when introduced, subway surfers proves to be one of them.  With its ever intriguing game procedure and the graphics it proved to be one of the premium android games which is now not only successful on smartphones but also can [...]

Minecraft for everyone! Why so captivating? How to get in on PC?


    And here we are discussing the blocky formation, quirky sounds, and almost as rough as an 8-bit structured game called the Minecraft. What is the most entrancing factor about it that not only teenagers but kids and adults also love to play it? According to figures confirmed, approximately 33 million people around the [...]

Viber on PC! It’s not just confined to smartphones!


    With ever new brilliance expected in almost all the games and apps introduced for smartphones, now the companies wish to infuse the same technology in personal computers. It was not long ago since Viber was introduced as a primary source of free texts and calls for android and iOS markets. The installation and [...]

Play Clash Of Clans Game Online on your PC

Clash of Clans Free Download for PC

Clash of Clans (CoC) is one of the most popular games played by internet and smartphone users and now you can play it on your PC at home. This game has the potential to go down in the history as a game with amazing online RTS element. Build your own village, destroy it or retain [...]

Play Plants VS. Zombies 2 For PC Free Download

Download Free Plants vs Zombies 2

Get ready to play plants vs Zombies on your PC and stem the zombie attack to protect your home in this addicting strategy game. This zombie fighting game is the sequel to the original and very popular Plants VS. Zombies game. After a long wait, lovers of this game can finally say “it’s about time” [...]

Download Awesome Game Fruit Ninja on PC Windows 7/8/XP

Fruit Ninja for PC

I know many of you are already having fun slicing fruits on your Android Smartphone or tablet. But what if you wanted to download and play Ninja Fruit game in Windows on your PC or laptop? You should be pretty excited because this game is awesome. By the time you are through with this article, [...]

Drag Racing on Android/PC (Free Download)

drag racing pc android free download

Are you a gamer? Do you love to play racing games on your phone? Racing games can provide some really interactive and intense game play. Drag Racing is absolutely no exception to this and it currently holds the top place on the Google Play “Racing” game genre. Drag Racing throws rapid game play at the gamer [...]

Dolphin Browser for pc free download windows 7/8/xp

Dolphin Web Browser

Dolphin is an iPhone/Android web browser primarily for use on smartphones but can also be used on a PC or mac computer as a free download. It is suitable for Windows 7/8/XP. To run it on a PC you have to use some sort of emulation software (details of how to install below). Dolphin is [...]

How to Download Subway Surfers for PC and Android (free)

Subway surfers

Subway surfers is a game that is very popular on Android platforms and it’s available as a free download in the GooglePlay store. The game has been really popular and has thousands of new fans every day. Many people think that Subway Surfers is only available for the Android smartphones but I’m here with a [...]

How to Download and Install Karbonn PC suite (free download)

Karbonn PC Suite

Karbonn is leading the budget price mobile phone section in India and it will continue to grow because it’s manufacturing good devices (even Android smartphones) and offering better services than other popular brands. Before Micromax, Karbonn was leading the Android smartphone market share (in low budget section) but these days Micromax, Samsung and other brands [...]

How to Make Free Calls from Your Computer with Nimbuzz


There are many software products which are available over the internet which provide a single user interface to let users chat with their multiple social networks. I mean to say that you can easily chat from all your social networks friends’ together right at one single place. You don’t need to login separately to each [...]

How to Sign Up to Twitter and Login

Sign up for Twitter

Twitter is a micro blogging website which every brand or personal brand is using. By personal brand I’m pointing towards all impressive or famous/popular personalities around the world. Politicians, Actors, Actress, Singers, Dancers, Directors, Writers, etc all have their profile on Twitter and they share their thoughts with the rest of the world via Twitter. [...]

How to Sign Up to Yahoo Mail and Login

Sign up to Yahoo mail

Yahoo isn’t the best e-mail service to sign up with but it still has its uses. It’s not the best because of its weak user interface and of course, the bunch of advertisements which can be annoying. Yahoo has lots of additional services which it provides to users who have signed up with Yahoo. It’s [...]

How to Sign Up to Facebook and Login


Facebook is the most addictive social networking right now and it’s going to be at the same position for at least another year. Why am I saying that it’s going to stay for one year? Recent Facebook marketing strategies gave opportunities to its users to use advertisements to promote their products and services. This infected [...]