5 things you wished were not in the new iOS 7!


There have been a lot of speculations recently about the possible accomplishments and failures in the newest introduced software by Apple for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The debate has taken a whole new level discussing the possibilities and the conservative approach at some points leading to restricted actions by the software and setting limitations to [...]

Comparing the rivals – iPhone 5C and Samsung Galaxy S4!


It is not unlikely to declare both Samsung and Apple to be the biggest rivals in the smartphone industry. Both the companies have been striving harder in order to attain the top position but it always remains quite a few while to one brand then transfer to another brand. This shows that both the brands [...]

Facetime – Can we get it on PC?

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    With the latest apps introduced in the iOS market came Facetime, a rather relieving facility for the Apple users once again who would get over the fluster of installing other free calls service applications. What is Facetime? Facetime is software initiated by Apple for the sake of video conferencing with other Apple users. [...]

iPad Air vs. iPad mini- retina display, Is bigger the better?


  So here we are, for the sake of comparing the two new tablets introduced by Apple, the iPad Air and the iPad mini retina. The basic motivation leading to write this article is to converse upon the possible comparisons which can be made for both the iPads released at the same time. It has [...]

Kindle reading app with exotic features for new Windows


    Reading apps are considered to be effective applications for all and people read and download books and articles on various topics. Many operating systems like Windows XP, windows 7 or 8 etc have various apps those are awesome and authorized by standard companies include Amazon Kindle. Kindle is the best reading app provided [...]

Utilize your Apple gadgets memory effectively


  iPhone/iPad are the latest technology devices those are used by many people across the world. Many applications are installed by default in Apple devices which consumes a lot of memory, but can be removed via striking photo streams.  Advanced featured applications are compatible with these devices. If somebody wants to remove some applications then [...]

Why the iPhone 5C leads and others follow

iphone 5c

The iPhone 5C introduction to the market was seen as a counter tactic for Apple to win the fast shrinking market after android powered models moved to win the low cost market ends. The iPhone 5C has not disappointed. The phone came with most features found in iPhone 4 and the market demand continues soaring. [...]

5 cool things you can do with an Instagram Login


This article covers the 5 coolest things you can do in Instagram with a user login account. Social media networks have ushered in a new generation. People these days want to get in the know about anything and everything as well as share their lives to loved ones and friends wherever they may be. Instagram [...]

The iPhone 5C: Everything We Know So Far About Apple’s New Plastic Gadget

Evidence of the iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5C has become something of a new fascination for Apple fans, seeing that it is soon to make its debut into the lives of Apple consumers next month. The iPhone 5C is also important for another reason: it is one of the most unique phones being added to the Apple collection this Fall. [...]

What Can We Know About Apple’s iPhone 5S? Some Thoughts From a Reliable Analyst

iPhone 5S to come in champagne color

    It’s that time of year again when rumors abound as to what Apple’s got up its sleeve next. September is the month in which Apple reveals its new products, although the company’s first iPad Mini debuted last October instead of September. Apple chose to create a second event a few weeks after the [...]

Picture Collage Maker 1.4.0 –Top Free Photography App for iOS

picture collage maker iphone app4

What could be more creative and fascinating than to share your rough photos with others in good-looking collages? It’s a great way to express yourself with a handful of photos. There are many apps on mobile for creating collages on the go. Picture Collage Maker is one of the most creative collage creators on iPhone [...]

Microsoft Surface RT tablet vs iPad Commercial, Compares “Apples” to Oranges

Microsoft Surface RT vs. iPad 4 Photo No. 1

Microsoft seems to be attacking the iPad heavily these days. It’s a sign of the times: the company recently wrote off $900 million worth of Surface tablets that the public did not purchase from Microsoft, while only netting some $850 million in tablet sales. When you’re writing off tablets you failed to sell, something has [...]

10 Awesome iPad Apps

Urbanspoon for iPad

The iPad’s operating-system, iOS, is the most advanced operating-system for smartphones and tablets available today. The main attraction of the iOS is that it is very simple to use and it looks very clean and elegant. If you own an Apple device then you’ll be a proud user of the iOS. iPads have been really [...]

How to Download and Install Hike Messenger for Nokia, iPhone, Android (free download)

Hike Messenger

In recent times, Android developers appear to have taken a fresh look at a new section of apps i.e. messaging apps. Right now there are lots of messaging apps being developed and people are using them for free messaging using their data allowances included in their mobile plans. WhatsApp is the leading messaging app which [...]

10 Amazing iPhone Apps

iHandy Level Free

Now I’m going to share some really valuable stuff with you, the 10 most amazing iPhone apps. iPhones are always an amazing product from Apple and mobile phone or smartphone users go wild with every new iPhone launch. The last launch was iPhone 5 about six months ago and till now it is the best [...]

Top 5 iPhone & iPad Apps of 2013

Temple Run Oz

Here in this post we are going to give you a review of our favourite iPhone and iPad applications in 2013 available to download now. It’s a hard task to choosing the best apps given the range of excellent apps out there. But after much research we decided on our top 5 best iPhone and [...]

Best iPhone Apps for 2013 [Top 5]

Top iPhone Apps 2013

In 2012 we surely had many of the iPhone inventions but the new year will be the greatest geek era for iOS as we will have many great launches and much more surprises. Today, I would like to share this article on top most best iPhone Apps for 2013 which will be very essential for [...]