AVG free antivirus – apps for Android!


    Almost all the newest possible softwares have been quite cautious in ensuring the fact that the softwares remain healthy to computers and are not affected by the newest infectious viruses of various kinds discovered almost every single day. The fortification of softwares and thus your machine as a whole have been quite a [...]

Facetime – Can we get it on PC?

download (2)

    With the latest apps introduced in the iOS market came Facetime, a rather relieving facility for the Apple users once again who would get over the fluster of installing other free calls service applications. What is Facetime? Facetime is software initiated by Apple for the sake of video conferencing with other Apple users. [...]

Viber on PC! It’s not just confined to smartphones!


    With ever new brilliance expected in almost all the games and apps introduced for smartphones, now the companies wish to infuse the same technology in personal computers. It was not long ago since Viber was introduced as a primary source of free texts and calls for android and iOS markets. The installation and [...]

5 cool things you can do with an Instagram Login


This article covers the 5 coolest things you can do in Instagram with a user login account. Social media networks have ushered in a new generation. People these days want to get in the know about anything and everything as well as share their lives to loved ones and friends wherever they may be. Instagram [...]

How to Download and Install Hike Messenger for Nokia, iPhone, Android (free download)

Hike Messenger

In recent times, Android developers appear to have taken a fresh look at a new section of apps i.e. messaging apps. Right now there are lots of messaging apps being developed and people are using them for free messaging using their data allowances included in their mobile plans. WhatsApp is the leading messaging app which [...]

10 Must Have Apps for Your Android Device

SwiftKey Keyboard

Smartphone apps are now everywhere and the Android operating system now has over 70k apps available at the official GooglePlay store. Until now, Android apps have not been quite as numerous or good as those from the iTunes store (iOS apps store) but they are gaining in popularity and are closing the gap. Smartphones and [...]

How to Download & Use Facebook Home App (Android)

Facebook Home

Facebook recently made it clear that they are not going to manufacturer any Facebook smartphone but they are going to provide some quality smartphone apps. Facebook and Messenger are the two already most popular apps available for android smartphones but now a very new kind of app is available. Facebook Home is a very new [...]

Free Entertainment Apps for Android 2013

free entertainment apps for android

One of the things I like to do with my android smartphone is to get entertain myself. I find a lot of apps these days to get myself entertain and enjoy my free time. These are available for free as well paid and it’s completely up to me that what I want. These apps are [...]

Top 7 Best Android Apps 2013

Best Android Apps 2013

Apps are what making smartphones and tablets to count and now Microsoft is also into the market with latest Windows 8 launch. Windows 8 is doing as expected because Microsoft kept the things as with the current customer’s needs. Right now it’s the android and iOS devices everywhere and the android is leading. There are [...]

3G Watchdog – Track Internet Data Usage on Android Mobile


Today, we are going to put review on 3G Watchdog App which helps one to track internet data usage on Android Mobile. Gone are the days when people use to buy mobile phones to make phone calls only. The time has changed completely. Now people look for high-end features in their smartphones. This change in [...]

nexGTv Android App Free Download – Watch Live TV in Mobile for Free

nexGTv App

Do you like to watch TV? Well, the answer expected from all of you is ‘Yes’ only. But what if your favorite TV show or film is going on, but you are on the go, and thus don’t have any access to TV? Isn’t it a weird situation? Well, what if your Android can help [...]

Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Mobile in 2013

Titanium Backup

Today, I am going to write about top applications or apps for rooted Android Mobile in 2013. Lets, see the introduction first and then main article. For all those out of you, who have rooted their Android device, this article is quite useful. If you are newbie, then you might be wondering that what does rooting mean. [...]

Download Opera Mini 7.5 for Android Mobile

Opera Mini Browser 7.5

Its since long Opera, the god father of mobile browsers has released any latest version. But here comes good news for its lovers as Opera Mini 7.5 is officially out for Android Mobiles and is available for free download also. It will be very soon available on Google Play Store. As expected, they have furnished [...]

Talking TomCat for PC Free Download

Talking Tom Cat

The Android app store, Google Play has got thousands of games waiting to be installed on your Android. There are some games/apps which have found their ways to all major mobile operating systems and one of the best is ‘Talking Tom Cat’. Now, its very news that talking cat for pc is available for free [...]

Way2SMS for Mobile (Android Application)

We all know that Way2SMS is one of the greatest free SMS service provider in India and has been expanding its area with their sister sites. Previously we were able to enjoy its feature from computer only but now we can find in the form of application which is supporting  Android and such operating system. Such [...]

Download Nova Launcher Prime for Android

Google’s Android is now declared as world’s no. 1 mobile operating system in terms usability and popularity. Its a  confirming fact that Droid gives best user experience as well as home screen customization. The default menu of these mobile phones are good enough to attract users but what if you are graphic lovers and have more [...]