The enticing themes of the newest Windows 8!

For decades, Microsoft has been serving a purpose of entertaining and fulfilling the digital needs of the people all around the world in terms of their softwares and user interfaces that drove almost all the laptops and personal computers in the world. It is not much doubted to configure that Microsoft still holds the strongest position in the world in terms of producing windows operating systems for almost all the personal computers, laptops and now even mobile phones and tablets manufacturing brands and companies. The interfaces and the operating systems that Microsoft presented were user friendly, easy to grab a hold on, colorful, purposeful and made a mark every time with its ever new innovativeness and capability to attract users of all different types and users with diverse needs and requirements for their work or for their personal use. Windows has also been introduced in various different versions and stylized themes that enthralls the users more towards the Microsoft strategy of grabbing more users through its ease providence and hence has excelled much in doing so. Today Microsoft has been used as one of the core operating system production manufacturer that excels beyond ones’ expectations by grabbing a hold of almost everything and introducing almost all types of operating systems applicable and usable by all types of people living in this world.




The newest Windows 8 operating system has been much in the limelight since it has been displayed to the world. The users have been speculating much about the newest OS and surprisingly have been quite satisfied and happy with the performance.



What’s exciting in it?

  • The new Windows 8 comes in a variety of different colors and themes and is quite interesting and propelling to be used. The exciting new features also add a little boost to the already glistening interface. This interface has been by many Microsoft windows smartphones and is quite popular a theme amongst the users.
  • The accustomed themes include exciting backgrounds, wallpapers, icons and skins that complement each other while displayed.


Top 10 enthralling windows 8 themes

Following are some of the enthralling themes introduced for windows 8 and are quite popular amongst the users

  1. Snowy version 3.0
  2. Base for windows 8
  3. WhiteDior
  4. Simplex
  5. Chromium
  6. Gray 8 color Pac
  7. Space blueberries 4.8
  8. Work for windows 8
  9. Aero8 glow
  10. Glow dark

Following themes had been much in demand and are quite popular amongst the windows users. Also the company is exploring its creative skills by introducing newest themes and background wallpapers and other features almost every once in a while. Never has an operating system been this much colorful and exciting to work on.

To download these exciting and enticing themes of the newest Windows 8 operating system and to know more about the themes and the operating system itself, visit the following link to have an extensive detailed review and information on the following themes and Windows 8 itself.

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