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There have been a number of games getting famous for their random yet mind boggling concept structures, their overall graphics, the animation and most of all the characters themselves. These typed of games have always been famous amongst children and adults alike. The reason being these games are a source of amusement and relaxation for those who are not interested in serious play station gaming and would like to spend their free mind with these little adventurous yet exciting games that are not heavier on a person’s nerves and make them enjoy the game rather than making it a frustration. Android games have usually served a great purpose to people by letting them get out of the usual boredom and make their lives a little colorful, edgy and exciting. These types of healthy games have also attracted the kids and hence are leaving a positive impact on their minds and are far apart from the usual fighting game sequences that teach the children nothing else but violence. It has been much intimidated that these android games will eventually prove to be one of the healthiest sources of games for children and adults equally.




Recently one of the games on the market that received instant gratitude from the players was Clumsy Bird. Clumsy bird had been predicted to be a little bit different from angry bird and the previously occurred Flappy bird. Flappy bird somehow could not remain for a longer time on the market but clumsy bird had proven to be a great alternative. The graphics and the animation itself are much better. The game since the release has gone viral on the all smartphone markets and has also gained wide appraisal from the players. The game continues to be installed thousands in numbers every single day.

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Clumsy Bird for PC!

  • It is much of an ease for the players who do not possess smartphones yet can still download it on their personal computers and enjoy the game.
  • Now days it is even easier to download the game since it is available online for free and the downloading process are as simple as a piece of cake.
  • In order to play the game on personal computers or laptops, we first need to install Bluestacks in order to play the game.
  • Once the game is downloaded, it can be played easily without any type of activation.

Clumsy bird now encompasses amazing feature that allows playing amongst friends and competing with each other. This feature has not been added before but after receiving compliments and positive reviews; the company responsible for producing the game is now taking it to a whole new level and striving harder to make it even a more delightful experience for the player and such changes are even getting more attention and attracting more players.

For more information on the game itself and to know the process and to get the downloading link for clumsy bird for PC, visit the following link for more extensive information and review.


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