Android declared to be the leading tablet OS by Gartner!

With ever flourishing tablets industry, there has been a lot of competition since then as to which company and brand exceeds in grabbing more users who would use and endorse the products and ultimately will be one of the sources in publicizing the product itself to the world. Many companies accuse of being extra protective with their customers information and often facilitate them with personalized features and applications. The users have also been experimenting quite a lot by trying out different new gadgets and tablets which are introduced with different features and functions almost every month or two by the leading tablet making companies. The users have been much in use with the gadget since it is handy to carry around and offers great support for the users on their way to anywhere rather than sticking around to one place for work. Many companies have started their online businesses and such gadgets are playing a pivotal role in providing them with an ease to work faster and easily.




The Android Google market has been much in demand since almost all other brands except for apple has been instilling android market in their gadgets since most users find it extremely easy and reliable to work and play on. Recently Gartner published a report stating the Android operating system to be one of the most adopted operating system for tablets by users all over the world. The percentage is almost 62% with Apple racing in second position grabbing 36% users in the tablets industry. The main reason users elaborate is the ease and the freedom to download, play and save anything on their gadgets regardless of any sort of extra privacy settings. Microsoft grabs only a 2.1% of the total tablet users in the world.



The reasons behind!

  • Previously since the invention of the iPad Mini, Apple had been the sole leader in the tablets industry grabbing a total of 52.8% of the users from all over the world. Surprisingly all the other brands comprising Google Android market scored less altogether grabbing a hold of 45.8% users. Now since these brands are high on producing larger screen phones with better storage capacity are grabbing the users in the smartphones industry and so the impact is also there on the tablet industry with people getting their hands on the newest Android tablets.
  • Perhaps the sole reason of the Android tablets being successful over the years is the affordable range of prices that not only user can make a choice out of but can also configure as to what model and brand would fit the best choice and need they want.
  • Apparently Android tops the race while grabbing the most customers. But on the other hand, users still think Apple serves the best tablets. The only less intriguing factor is the price range. Even the lowest of all Apple tablets starts at a price of $299 whereas a good and a rather competitive Android tablet would probably start from $250.

It now depends on the users’ requirements as to what type of a tablet they need that best satisfies their requirement and hence proves to be a durable and a better choice.

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