5 things you wished were not in the new iOS 7!

There have been a lot of speculations recently about the possible accomplishments and failures in the newest introduced software by Apple for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The debate has taken a whole new level discussing the possibilities and the conservative approach at some points leading to restricted actions by the software and setting limitations to the users. Although Apple had been famous for its conservative approach to limit the use of its personally published apps and functions to its users only, the newest version of iOS 7 is made in precision to be as probably close and safe and secure to the Apple users as possible and hence the customized applications, the purpose of doing this serves well for all the Apple users.




It has been quite a while since Apple changed the interface of its operating system probably since the invention of the first iPhone or iPad itself, people have been speculating much about the coming new operating system, most of the people when introduced to the newest software liked it quite much but other than that, there are certain enhancements and a certain flatness to the software itself that was disliked by many users.

Following are some of the very disruptive and non-interesting features in the newest iOS 7 that were bit of a letdown for the users.



Lamentable features in the newest iOS 7

  • Most of the users have accused the new interface to be unbelievably flat. The icons appear to be flat and do not possess any sort of depth to them which makes it a little unappealing.
  • One of the very confusing features happens to be when the user swipes from the top to bottom to view the recent notifications, on the other hand in case of spotlight search; the swiping also needs to be done from top to bottom. It is quite confusing as to what position of swiping is configured for both the actions.
  • The keyboard also possesses a certain changed stylistic look which looks quite appealing but there are certain default keys being swiped and replaced by some other stylistic symbols which is quite an effort sometimes since you need to swipe back to get those keys.
  • With new and heavy operating system comes a rather hectic battery usage. All the gadgets almost suffer the same thing. The applications and the software updations are a bit of a letdown in terms of handling and utilizing the battery hence making it difficult for the users to save the battery for other purposes.
  • Eventually there is not solution or a shortcut at all as to how else one can get back to the home page. One has to click on the home button at the bottom.
  • There has been counted unnecessary movements in the new operating system making the interface a little dizzier.

Eventually there are some features which are quite liked as well as there are some which are disliked by the people. For more reviewed information, visit the following link:



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