Samsung ATIV book 9 Lite – pros and cons!

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Like many other Samsung products, recently introduced is a notebook stated as Samsung ATIV book 9 Lite. It was launched adjacently to another Samsung notebook (Samsung ATIV book 9 plus). With its premium features and reasonable price value, this notebook has already received positive reviews from its users. Since it’s a manufactured product of Samsung so obviously one does not need to worry about the product’s stability and reliability. With all the newest products introduced, Samsung is trying to make it a whole lot different experience for the users in terms of providing them with sleek designs and wider screen space.

Following is the review of certain external and internal features of the Samsung ATIV book 9 Lite.

External outlook

  • This notebook is ultra thin almost 0.69”
  • Reasonable space for hands to be placed on the keyboard while typing
  • Slight change in the shape than other notebooks
  • The armature is made of plastic instead of aluminum
  • 13.3” display with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution
  • Well spaced keyboard buttons


  • Supports windows 8, (64 – bit)
  • Quad core processor up to 1.5 GHz
  • AMD Radeon graphic HD 8250
  • 4GB Ram
  • Bluetooth, stereo speakers and HD webcam
  • 128 GB drive
  • Ethernet adapter
  • Samsung default softwares and setups included

We must admit that it sounds like a good option to adopt it if someone is not much used to of using notebooks and would like to experiment a little. But for those, who really rely on the their notebooks in terms of doing their work and would want to need a machine with better performance, display and battery life then I am afraid it is not the right choice you are making specially if you have used better ones before.

Samsung ATIV book 9 works well if the user has another Samsung gadget that can be manipulated through this notebook.

Apart from all the display and features, the pros and cons might involve the sluggish nature of the product. While people are looking up to buying products with crystal clear display and resolution, the display size and the resolution itself is a bit of disappointment.

The adjacently introduced Samsung ATIV book 9 plus had all the premium features involved but there also is a huge price difference between both the products which leads to a disappointing end on Samsung ATIV book 9 Lite’s side.

The shorter battery and the performance of the CPU itself do not satisfy the needs of a proper notebook user. It is observed that other than the outer look, the features encompassed in the notebook are quite weak and are a bit of let down in terms of overall performance.


If you wish to have a stronger machine in terms of performance and overall external look, then this might not be the right choice made.

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