Reviewing the latest Acer Iconia W4!

Since the evolution of the manufactured tablets industry, there has been a huge increase in it since the invention of latest processing softwares, applications, functions, enhanced specifications, better resolution and last but not the least, the touch sensitivity experience which is reaching new heights in terms of its innovativeness and exposure over the last few years. All the companies have been striving harder in order to instill the latest technology in their gadgets and gather as many users as possible. Acer has been quite a favorite by people from all over the world in terms of its laptops but Acer quite failed to surprise the audience with its tablets line. Since then, Acer has been striving much harder in terms of gathering the lost users but still aims at improving itself in the tablets industry. The brands aims that even if the users attraction is not turning out quite well, the brand would still continue to manufacture its tablets and they harder instilling the latest technology with enhanced visuals capacity and better touch sensitivity. With the invention of its latest tablet which is out in the market, the brand proves that despite of all the rumors stating the possible demise of the brand, Acer has still grabbed a powerful stance in the tablets industry.




With the invention of the newest Acer Iconia WR tablet, the company has proven itself big in the industry. The tablet is one of its kind manufactured by the brand and hence is quite accredited other than its previous versions. The users are quite happy and impressed as to how the company has evolved itself into one of the finest tablet producing companies in the world by manufacturing Acer Iconia W4.

Following are some of the amazing new specs and features introduced by Acer and instilled in to their latest tablet.


Evaluating the product!

  • Acer Iconia W4 encapsulates a 4th generation Intel atom processor of 1.8 GHz and also features a 2GB of Ram.
  • The tablet is available with storage capacities of 32GB and 64GB.
  • The tablet features Windows 8.1.
  • Improved and enhanced display with the brand claiming of it to be viewed up till to an angle of 170 degrees.
  • The tablet is a large 8 inch display.
  • Vibrant brightness with deeper blacks.
  • Zero air gap technology helps remove the air between the touch module and the LCD to make it even more visible to work under bright lights.
  • Metallic shaded external outlook.
  • Lighter in terms of weight and application handling.
  • The windows market lets you install all sorts of apps and games in the tablet.
  • Us connection port, MicroSD card slot, headphones port, also a micro HDMI port instilled.
  • Crunch keyboard also paired.
  • Can be connected to larger displays



A rather innovative and an encouraging step have been taken by the brand in order to promote it and build a stronger position in the tablet industry. The tablet serves it all and encompasses all the features and specs that a good tablet requires.


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