Comparing the rivals – iPhone 5C and Samsung Galaxy S4!

It is not unlikely to declare both Samsung and Apple to be the biggest rivals in the smartphone industry. Both the companies have been striving harder in order to attain the top position but it always remains quite a few while to one brand then transfer to another brand. This shows that both the brands are on an equation based on their design element, their performance, their technology, the touch sensitivity and also the introduction of newest features and functions almost every single day.

Few months ago, both the brands introduced some of the most astonishingly amazing smartphones that not only captured the peoples’ attention immediately but also has proven huge success for both the brands in terms of the innovativeness both the companies showed towards their newest phones and the breath of fresh air they brought by taking such a bold step of introducing smartphones against each of their rivals in the industry.




The newest Samsung Galaxy S4 by Samsung and iPhone 5c by Apple are two major sold out smartphones in the market at present; even now it has been a while since they were first manufactured and presented in the market. There are so many alike and different features and functions that both the phones operate and all of these features are worth discussing.

Following is the possible comparison amongst the two biggest smartphone innovations in the history of smartphones branding and manufacturing


Evaluating iPhone 5c and Samsung Galaxy S4!

Samsung Galaxy S4

  • The Samsung galaxy S4 features a large 5 inch 1080p Super amoled display
  • Vibrant display colors and extended viewing angles
  • High glossy metallic layer over a plastic outer shell
  • Storage capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB.
  • The phone encompasses a 13 megapixel camera with exciting new features added.
  • Encapsulates exciting new features which has not been introduced in the latter galaxy phones

IPhone 5c

  • The iPhone 5c is quite an easy to handle, thinner and colorful phone offering polycarbonate plastic body with bright hues such as yellow, green, pink, blue and white.
  • Runs the newest Apple IOS 7
  • Storage capacity includes both 16 GB and 32 GB
  • Enhanced battery timing
  • Exciting and colorful display encompassing lots of new features and apps than its latter models

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Comparing the two biggest phones is not an easy thing. Both the phones encompass a lot of new exciting stuff. And both of them way pass one another at some point but it has been observed that even the Samsung phone containing almost the double processing speed, functionalities, features than its competitor, the iPhone 5c still manages to pull off and present with the same performance and processing ability than its competitor.

So, if one does require a phone with faster processing and a better camera with better functionalities, then they must go for the Samsung Galaxy S4 but if someone wants to go for a brighter colorful phone with almost the same features and performance, one might opt for the iPhone 5c.


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