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Like numerous other games that went flourishing globally in android and iOS markets when introduced, subway surfers proves to be one of them.  With its ever intriguing game procedure and the graphics it proved to be one of the premium android games which is now not only successful on smartphones but also can be played on personal computers. With its ever escalating demand, subway surfers introduce new tours every month which tends to interest people more. With almost 12 tours introduced up till now, subway surfers is still the center of interest for many people. Tours are introduced in which the players visit a new city with the avatar and so run around the city collecting coins and avoiding getting hit by the trains coming into their way. The changed graphics and backgrounds behind with every tour make it even more enthralling. The cultural setup and the symbols and specialties related to that particular city are depicted in the backgrounds.

Exhilarating features about subway surfers

  • With collection of coins, keys and mystery boxes, new powers, characters and their characteristics are unleashed.
  •  As the score gets higher, the game gets tougher and speedier.
  • Smooth running, eye-catchy graphics, and colorful backgrounds.
  • The player does not have to worry about losing lives. If the game is over, the player can still start all over again.
  • If you collide with a train, you get another chance to run away from the policeman who starts chasing you.
  • Easily installable on both computers and smartphones.

Recently, Hack Paris has introduced a cheat version of subway surfers that not only hacks the game but also provides with an unlimited number of free coins and keys that can be used to unlock any character, surf boards or powers.

This unique hack version works on all versions of subway surfers whether it is on iPhones, iPods or any android phones.

What does Hack Paris cheat version give you?

  1. Unlocking all characters, getting to play with different styles of characters introduced.
  2. Unlimited coins and keys
  3. All unlocked surf boards
  4. Easy to use and play
  5. Plug and play on all supporting devices


More details and the downloading setup can be found at the following link:

More about Cheat Hack Paris

Visiting the above mentioned link would give you all the information you need along with the downloading link and the installation instructions. Hack Paris versions tend to provide ease to the gamers who love to play such games. With all the newest characters and boards unleashed, it becomes all the way more interesting to try out different things and different characters available. It becomes boring if the player is stuck on a specific stage for too long so to as keep the interest alive, hack Paris provides with an ultimate solution and acts as a reliever to subway surfers lovers.





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