Minecraft for everyone! Why so captivating? How to get in on PC?




And here we are discussing the blocky formation, quirky sounds, and almost as rough as an 8-bit structured game called the Minecraft. What is the most entrancing factor about it that not only teenagers but kids and adults also love to play it? According to figures confirmed, approximately 33 million people around the globe play Minecraft.

Probably it is the 8-bit blocky structure which leads to the interest of the player. May be the PC players are too tired of playing high quality HD versions of games that this less graphical game proves to be a soothing factor to their senses. The lesser is the better in this case. But mostly it is the building and breaking aspect of the game which has lead to its ultimate fame. Usually a player is a blocky structure that holds an avatar in order to split and assemble things in order to avoid chaos and being eaten up by zombies.

Minecraft has emerged in various different versions each set with a different aim. Now seemingly enhanced graphic versions are also introduced but the essence remains the same.

What’s unique about Minecraft?

  • You stay alive

Like many other present games, Minecraft also don’t possess a ‘the end’ factor rather can be freely played without the fear of being dead.

  • It is educational

Rather just breaking up and building blocks and eventually feeling you are doing nothing else is not the prime purpose of this game. Whether it be farming or programming logic gates to get the doors open at a certain time, or even trading with the farmers, it is more than just another shooting game.

  • You are free to do anything

Kids absolutely love such games where there is liberty to move around freely without a fear of getting attacked.

Since Minecraft introduces newer versions almost every week, it is amusingly becoming huge in terms of being downloaded on personal computers. One primary website to get Minecraft is through its official website:



Usually a PC version is almost up to $20 but it gives you all the other related things in one package. Another link from you can possibly get the cracked version is as followed:


It is reviewed that mostly the Minecraft servers that are set up online consists of players who join from all over the world in a single environment to compete against the zombies but apart from that it is seen that the competitors fight and use foul language against each other which makes it even more difficult for children to play and adapt to such an environment. So in this case, certain organizations responsible for ensuring that children feel safe and that the game is constructive to their brains developed certain private Minecraft servers confined to children only so as to ensure constructive environment and mind safety for the little players. This thing has possibly proved to be a positive attribute added in Minecraft for PC versions.

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