iPad Mini Retina – is the little one worth buying?




Recently news came buzzing off about Apple launching a new tablet stated as iPad Mini retina. Not surprised at all to hear the name as Apple has a whole legacy of manufacturing its products with slight name changes. iPad mini retina comes in succession to the former invented iPad Mini. It seems like there will not be anything exclusive about the newer one but as I said earlier, Apple changes the names slightly but instills a whole new structure and mechanism in its newer products. iPad mini retina claims to be one of the fastest processing tablets. With its sleek meticulous design and awe-inspiring features and display, iPad mini retina is set to raise a standard in the tablet industry. Little things can do wonders and so will this little thing be a trend setter like all other Apple products? Let’s find out by reviewing its features and specifications.

Exhilarating features about iPad Mini Retina

  • Comes with an evenhanded sized 7.9” retina display
  •  Built in A7 processor for best ever processing
  • stupendously crisp and clear
  • resolution superior than an HDTV
  • detailed, intricate design
  • 2048 x 1536 resolution with 326 per inch
  • 4X faster CPU and 8X faster graphics performance
  • Up to 10 hours exceeded battery life
  • built in apps everyday to ease the users
  • delivers twofold the wifi performance than its antecedents
  • together designed with iOS 7, the A7 processor proves to be the fastest out of all other tablets introduced earlier
  • Comes with a smart case that helps in providing a back stand for the tablet to be placed anywhere easily
  • Over 3.1 million pixels
  • Starts at a reasonable price of $399

With the invention of such an incredible display, it is admit able that now it is just a beginning for Apple. This product would infuse in people the desire to buy a gadget with a superior resolution and color display. Although it is not easy to sell a product in succession which looks exactly the same but has different features because sometimes people resist in buying the thing they say they already have. But the reality behind is that most of the design communities believe that if a gadget sells good and is popular among people not only because of the internal features but also because of its exceptional external look, then companies should think of living with the previous design while introducing the next product so as to make it more popular among the users as also to gratify the need of the user who would feel uncomfortable with the a different design of gadget.


What Apple thinks!

Apple itself believes that the comfort level of its users should not be distressed so when a newer product is launched, there is a diminutive change in the design but a whole new-fangled and a different mechanical formation working behind.

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