iPad Air vs. iPad mini- retina display, Is bigger the better?



So here we are, for the sake of comparing the two new tablets introduced by Apple, the iPad Air and the iPad mini retina. The basic motivation leading to write this article is to converse upon the possible comparisons which can be made for both the iPads released at the same time. It has never been done before that a company released two of its major gadgets at the same time with an astounding new feature, “the Retina Display”.  A lot of buzz has been surrounding the internet whether these new additions would be able to capture people’s attention. So, in response to all the accusations and rumors, here is the possible comparison of both iPad air vs. iPad mini retina display:

The common points!

  • Both the iPads feature A7 processor with the latest IOS 7.
  • Both feature the same resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.
  • Both the ipads have storage capacity starting from 16 GB.
  • Same 5 mega pixels camera and improved face front camera.
  • Both are claimed to have an excessive battery usage up to 10 hours.
  • None of them has a touch ID.
  • Both of the ipads even have the same display.

After reading so many unexpected similar features, one must be thinking that why bother choosing a particular model, we can go for any of these. But, before you decide on which one to go for, here are some of the salient dissimilarities which will surely prove to be a helping hand in choosing which particular model of the latest iPad you want.

The dis-similarities!

  • IPad air costs around $499 whereas iPad mini retina costs around $399.
  • IPad air comes with a 9.7” display whereas iPad mini retina possesses a 7.9” display.
  • The A7 processor is smoother at iPad air and runs all the apps and games with swiftness whereas iPad mini retina proves to be a little slower at this point.
  • The display quality of iPad air is a bit enhanced and is better whereas the iPad mini retina display is a bit weaker.


With all the similarities and dissimilarities, one might conclude there is not much divergence but one should always remember that incase of Apple, the bigger is the better. Apple still continues to enhance the display with bigger screens so one might regret choosing iPad mini retina over iPad air for the sake of saving money. There is a lot more than just a bigger screen. People owning rather initial models can still opt for iPad mini retina but if u still own an iPad 2 or iPad mini, then iPad air is the next thing you want. It will blow your mind with astounding features and its ultra thin retina display. So if you want to have a superior and improved experience you must opt for the new iPad air.



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