Facetime – Can we get it on PC?

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With the latest apps introduced in the iOS market came Facetime, a rather relieving facility for the Apple users once again who would get over the fluster of installing other free calls service applications.

What is Facetime?

Facetime is software initiated by Apple for the sake of video conferencing with other Apple users. Since it comes on all Apple devices (Macs, iMac, Mac book Pro, Mac Mini , iPhones, iPads, iPods etc.) it is rather feasible to all the users who own an Apple laptop but do not have a phone or vice versa.

Is Facetime available for a normal windows PC?

A lot of buzz around the internet has been discussing whether Facetime is available to be downloaded on a normal windows computer. Well, up till now, it is not surprising to say that Apple itself does not plan to launch any such thing. Unlike Skype and Yahoo Messenger that run globally on all internet devices and gadgets, Apple likes to keep its contents secure and personalized to just the users who own Apple products.

Isn’t there some other way?

Well, like everything else, there had been one link quite popular around the internet claiming to provide free Facetime setup for windows. To get more information visit the following link:


Previously Apple had stated that it would declare Facetime to be an open source that means that anybody can produce software to use it.  But till today no such announcements have been made in terms of providing it to normal windows systems users.

What are the alternatives of Facetime for normal windows users?

There are several other softwares that come adjacently in order to facilitate the users who have normal personal computers.

  • Skype: one globally recognized internet texting and calling software that is not only feasible to windows computers but can also be run on any Apple devices. This works quite well and provides enhanced quality in terms of video and voice calling.
  • Yahoo Messenger: similar as Skype, Yahoo messenger also works great on all the devices including PCs, Macs, phones etc. call and voice quality is commendable.
  • Tango: tango works well at all the cellular devices as well as on the computers. Call and voice quality is smooth.
  • Oovoo: this newly registered software has been getting quite good response from the users. Call quality as well as voice quality is quite impressive.

All the above listed softwares and many others are proven good alternatives which can be utilized by the normal pc users. However Apple likes to capsulize all of the personal apps to its users only so if anybody wants to use Facetime, one might have to buy an Apple product. Even a second handed product which comes quite reasonable in price can be bought to avail this amazing Apple software. But if it is not much important, one is good to go with any of the alternatives stated above.






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