Dynamic Live Wallpapers-Flair up your Android Smartphone!




Nowadays, none of us wants to settle for anything less than an Android Smartphone as the interface, ease of access and amazing apps are just a few reasons to name to make one buy an Android Smartphone. Other than apps, it features other ways to make your phone more attractive one of which is Wallpapers of HD quality which can easily be downloaded.

Wallpaper is a simple and easy way to personalize the inner look of your Smartphone. Sometimes people don’t really care about the interior and interface but most of us take Smartphone as an expression of our personality, thus having a unique wallpaper that represents who you are is just an added value with your cool Smartphone.

Live Wallpaper

In order to add visual flair to your Smartphone, you need to know the types of wallpapers available or featured by Android. Android features two different kinds of wallpapers; one being Regular Static Wallpaper and the second is Dynamic Live Wallpaper.

If you are a proud owner of your attractive Smartphone and like to brag about it among your friends then live wallpaper will work for you. Dynamic live wallpapers are animated and interactive backgrounds for your home screen as they work differently according to the settings of your phone. You can take them as live apps running at the background of your phone having access to all the amenities of the platform. These kinds of wallpapers are no doubt the coolest way to add an innovative touch to your phone as they swirl and swift along as you touch and move your phone and steer through the home screens.

However, live animated wallpaper can also drain the battery of your phone and might even engulf its software. Not to worry because you can save your phone if you go for less animated wallpaper. Wallpapers with heavy animation will only damage the original software of your Smartphone by slowing it down and making it appear busy and messy. So always go for wallpaper that is visually attractive but not heavily animated at the same time. There are several themes for live wallpapers such as:

  • Sun rise theme
  • Nightfall theme
  • Blue skies theme
  • Thunderstorm theme


The Sun Rise

This wallpaper is one of the top 10 attractive Android wallpapers and is truly spectacular. It features a morning blue sky with soft white clouds and flying birds along with silhouette of a tree. You can set the direction and speed with a complete range of settings.


It features a captivating skyline with a shaded landscape. It pictures a gracefully floating nebula over a distant sky and twinkling stars which adds all the more to the serene beauty of this wallpaper. This theme has already become the favourite of many because of its overall look and movement and direction control settings.

Blue Skies

With this one you will feel like floating with white clouds over blue skies. It comes with many customizing options and lets you access home screen switching and landscape mode.


This one portrays a breathtaking view of storm and lightning. It pictures a heavy downpour featured with storm clouds and heavy lightning. This theme is also paired with home screen settings.

To learn more about how to make the most of your Smartphone, visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.incredibleapp.wallpapershd&hl=en. There are thousands of wallpapers to choose from.


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