Avast Antivirus 2014 – stay safe!




Considered to be one of the most steadfast sources for safety against internet viruses, Avast antivirus is recognized by over 200 million devices in the world. With its stronger protection systems designed for the users to have a safer browsing experience, it is considered to be one of the most promising antivirus solutions ever developed and still is continuing to expand by receiving immense appreciation from people all around the globe.

In the business for more than 25 years, still the expanding growth of Avast has proven to be a prime source of it being reliable and extremely protective of its user’s personal machines and data included.  The antivirus is not just confined to personal computers rather is popular in android and IOS markets too making you smartphones and other gadgets in a safer zone too.

Not just protection from any malware or spyware actions but also defending your financial transactions and data is one of the prominent features of Avast. Ensuring that all of your transactions made are private and secure, with the help of Avast safe zone, your money spending elements such as shopping sites, bank sites open in a virtual window that help you spend money in a safe and shielded environment and thus help you with your purchases, bookings, contracts etc.

Some prominent features!

  • Requests you to upgrade your softwares so as to be more protective against the viruses.
  • Superior malware protection
  • Anti spam protection
  • Firewall option
  • Access your pc anywhere
  • Safe zone for bank and other payments
  • Intelligent software
  • Compatible with windows 7, 8 versions
  • Reasonable resource consumption
  • New and eye catchy interface
  • Protection shields

Installing the newest 2014 version

Since Avast comes compatible to almost any type of windows, androids systems, it is not hard to find the downloadable links for both the mediums.

To download Avast antivirus 2014 free for windows, you can visit the following links:



For more information regarding the software, you can visit the following official link:


To download Avast on android and iOS phones and gadgets, one can simply go to their markets online and search for the latest free edition of Avast antivirus and the link can be easily found, downloaded and installed on the device. The android version is rather lighter in consuming storage space and is a powerful source for the protection of the android and iOS gadgets.

The downloading link for android version can also be found on Google play store. Following are the links to the downloadable versions of android Avast antivirus.



It is observed that most computer users do not bother installing antivirus programs to their machines which is a severe threat to the machine and once it is infected there is no chance that the gadget will survive to its original position again. So it is better to protect the gadget at first hand with the latest Avast antivirus edition.

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