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Ares is an open source program that give you access to a large file sharing community. It engages millions of people from around the people to a file sharing network that encompasses audios, videos, images, documents, softwares and setups. It is all easier now to publish files through Ares network. Also it is an approved 100% clean of spyware so one can enjoy a safer file sharing experience. Ares even comes compatible with iTunes. So if one needs to stuff their apple gadgets with any sort of images, videos or audio, one is good to go after downloading the Ares setup on their computers.

Ares exciting features

  • Easy setup installation

It only takes a few moments to install Ares and the interface is easy to understand for a common user.

  • Automatic Synchronization

Ares once downloaded automatically synchronizes the content present on the computer which can possibly be shared by the user so it is not difficult for the user to load the content themselves.

  • Big preview screen

Ares facilitates with a large preview screen easier for the new users

  • Built in browser

It also features its own built in browser which helps in browsing any type of content you want to find

  • Speedy Network

Unlike all other file sharing softwares, Ares has a real quick and speedy network which makes file sharing all the more exciting experience for the users.

How to get it on PC for free?

Here are some of the useful links that provide access to downloading the software for free. Ares comes compatible with all windows versions (7, 8, xp, vista).

Ares, over the time, has proven itself to be trustworthy software that facilitates not just with a simple file sharing system but also entertains with the following astounding features

  • En suite audio and video player
  • Exceptionally structured library
  • Chat rooms
  • Open sourcing
  • Comprehensive preview of the collection

It is not surprising to configure that Ares has a proven record of being a reliable source. It was started as a small project but now emerges as one of the leading softwares for content sharing. With its peer to peer network, Ares comes handy as it takes very little to almost no space on the computer and is extremely light and can be placed in any drive. It depends on the users ease where to install the software for their expediency but it does not make any difference to the drive because of its extreme low storage space.

The users can now enjoy a safer sharing experience in one go with the help of this exceptionally shaped software which prioritizes the ease of users at first hand and also proves itself to be one of the most steadfast file sharing softwares.

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