Angry Birds Game- From Touch Screen to Mouse

Angry Birds is the all-time successful and addictive game everyone plays. PC users are going to cheer up because this dynamic game is now available to download for PC version to create a well-balanced atmosphere while working or for those who don’t own a smartphone. Angry birds is on the top of the list of all-time paid games. This chaotic game is developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Angry birds seasons are the additional levels released on world’s celebrations like Halloween, St. Patrick’s, Valentine, Christmas, Moon festival and other great moments to spend with these arrogant angry birds.

This game was earlier developed for kids for a new variety in their games collection but their unique pattern made this game a favourite for all ages due to its fun gameplay and addictiveness.

The angry-positive side:

Playing on PC can have many advantages; some of them are:

  • One can benefit from using wide screens and can have a clearer view rather than playing on a small screen of a smartphone.
  • Touch screens at times can make you take wrong shots but with keyboard it’s easier to take the perfect shot (if not playing in tablet PC).
  • Playing on smartphones can drain down all your battery level but PC’s are much more reliable in this case.




To download this game on PC all you need is a good speedy internet connection and a link that takes you to the downloading process. Once it’s downloaded you are ready to play and let the excitement begin. Just like every game has pros and cons this game have only one con and that is once you get addicted you can leave it and if you don’t leave who the hell will do other works.

Features of PC version:

  • It has multiple versions and each of them have multiple levels so never ending fun.
  • Easy and eye catching surrounding to amuse your every moment.
  • Indulge you in it a lot that even when not playing you keep on making strategies.
  • It gives you guaranteed fun.
  • It develops your strategic skills.



Angry birds is the best game to play after a whole tiring day to relax your mind and keeping all the worries aside it will take you to another world. One should play this game with full attention and use logics to clear the levels. A shot should not be taken without thinking because missing all the chances might get the enemies poking at you. The goal of the game is quickly understood as different characteristics of birds appear on the screen and all of these birds are loaded on slingshot to hit the piggies.

Angry birds has total 195 levels, some levels might take long to clear and some might be as easy as a blink of an eye. Angry birds from touch screen to keyboard is same as it’s in other devices. Awesome features changes after each level and bring a different overlay. The PC version can be bought free of cost at

Angry birds, the super hit game of smartphone and devices is now available for windows, but wait think before you start, you might be a die heart fan of it.

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