UC Browser for Windows Phone Review Version 3.1

UCWeb, a worldwide leader in providing mobile internet services and software, unveiled UC Browser for Windows phone Version 3.1. This article reviews the new edition and it comes with a lot of improvements. This has made the browser the top item on Windows Phone store. Over 17,000 positive reviews from the US alone have already been received. This latest version can be downloaded from the Windows Phone store for 7.x as well as Windows Phone 8.

The unique features found in the UC Browser have made it the popular substitute for the default IE browser used by the Windows Phone. Its features include greater sharing, better user experience, Spanish and Portuguese support, enhanced searching, background play of downloaded music, etc. Also read about UC Browser for PC.

uc browser for windows phone review

Worthy moments through Greater sharing

IE share images through built-in apps, however, UC Browser allows sharing as long as the apps support photo sharing. To share, you just long press an image and select “Share Image”.

Browse and Enjoy Music simultaneously

You can browse and enjoy music even when the screen has been locked.

The Amazing user experience receives the big “Wow”. Data compression and cloud acceleration technology has made the UC Browser easy to use and very fast. It is easy to load web content, and reduces data usage. Gestures is better supported in UC Browser as compared to IE, hence no need to keep refreshing a web content. To go a page forward you only need to swipe left, by swiping right you will move one page back. The action bar enables fast access to the Homage and Multi-tab management.

uc browser for windows phone version 3.1 review

Other features of WP UC Browser:

  • Smart Browser. This feature turns you mobile phone into a powerful and smart download device. It allows different file formats to be downloaded, paused and resumed as the user pleases.
  • Multiple tab Management. UC Browser can open up to 9 tabs at the same time unlike IE browser which has a maximum of 6 tabs. This feature offers more possibilities and optimization.
  • Easy to Customize. It is easy to change the skin and background via storage or UC Theme Centre. You can also select Font for the webpages and also change the Speed dial. There are different browsing modes to suit the user and environments. Night mode reduces screen brightness, Super Mode improves surfing speed, while Incognito browsing enables unrecorded and discrete browsing. “Visit PC” mode offers full PC features, while “Text-only Browsing” transforms your phone to a complete reader hence removing irritating content such as images, ads, etc.

UC Browser: Top browser in Windows Phone Store

Mr. Rick Chen, the Director of International Business Development at UCWeb, stated that the release of version 3.1 UC Browser was a way of maintaining its top position as the best browser in WP Store. The move is termed as the early bird on Window Phone platform.

uc browser for windows phone review2

About UCWeb

UCWeb was established in 2004.Its mission is to offer enhanced mobile internet experience to billions of users globally. The UC Browser is available for more than 3000 cell phones from over 200 manufacturers. UC Browser is available in over 150 countries and also more than 400 million users. The browser is available in 10 languages which comprise of Vietnamese, English, Indonesian, Russian, and many more.

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