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Clash of Clans (CoC) is one of the most popular games played by internet and smartphone users and now you can play it on your PC at home. This game has the potential to go down in the history as a game with amazing online RTS element. Build your own village, destroy it or retain it. To begin with, the game puts you in charge of unkempt and sparse village and lets you turn it into a rich and resourceful place. Once you start playing the game, you would know why millions of people are already addicted to it. Before we explore the territories of Clash of Clans, remember the thumb rule: When it’s good, it’s amazing, and when is bad, it’s the Devil of clans.

Clash of Clans Free Download for PC

Start Clash of Clans With Unkempt Village

CoC starts off with a standard town building, a handful of currency in form of gold coins, gems and elixir, and a pretty female guide guiding you to the ropes. After playing a few combat strategy games, you will know how to go about things without losing much of your time. Start setting up your army barracks, train and send your heroes boot camp, and build gold mines to harvest the resources you’d require to get the job done.

Remember, all the activities are time bound and you would need to make your resources to maximum use to build your strong position. You should also focus on sprucing up your defenses to protect yourself from being attacked by enemy clans. So while you build your village, also focus on building up your defenses strategies placing mortars, bombs, canons, and walls. It’s never ending and still keeps you excited for as long as you are ready to indulge yourself into it.

play clash of clans online PC

Play Game Online on your PC Computer

To play Clash of Clans on PC, you must first install an Android emulator called bluestacks on your PC. Then you can simply search for the APK file, install it and enjoy! For now the game is available at Play Store to Android and iOS users (see Clash of Clans for iPhone), but those who are looking for a full fledged experience on a wide laptop screen can download the game on PC through bluestacks android emulator. As good as it gets!

Clash of Coins

While your initial wait for completing the task would just take a few minutes, it soon becomes a task of exceeding hours and then seems to last forever. Acquiring gems will help you speed up the tasks, but until you complete the job you do not get to harvest them. Earning gems would take forever and day to spend. You will struggle to stay away from spending them, but it will be become rather an additional task for you till the end. And before you would know it, you’ve either spent way too much money than or you just resigned yourself playing a game of wait and watch.

clash of clans for PC

Plunder and Surrender

Once you accept the crawling speed and struggle to deal with the jobs to be done, you can spend your waiting time engaging in some brilliant battle play. Solo players get different preset maps to embark upon. You get the ability to choose your heroes and tap on a definite spot on the map to attack. Each class of hero is built with its own skills and abilities that will help you determine your own battle strategy accordingly. Single Player Mode is not at all bad, but multiplayer mode adds excitement to the game.

It’s time to put your mind at work. This is a place where you where explore villages set up done by other real world players, create your best plan of attack, and then attack. Things spice up at this stage because here you have to beat others within a set time frame to take home gold and victory points (trophies). Once you are able to earn 400 trophies you get the privilege of being an elite member, which also get you special loot bonus on winning.

clash of clans free download PC

Social Goodness

Supercell is actually a clever strategy to distract players with small chat window pop up on the left. It lets you engage with players from all over the world. You can access their profiles, visit their villages set up, view their clan, or even talk about football. Do whatever you want here, just be sure not to lose your focus from the game.

The Clash clans play game online offers a brilliant mix of single and multiplayer elements including hero classes, social gaming goodness and achievements board. The game has however, taken a great concept with a play system designed to fill up its coffers.

The biggest letdown is that the players cannot find much to do in the initial set up of the game. It’s simply no fun to wait and return to the game after some time just to make one single move. Apart from this, the game has been able to attract the attention of people worldwide, still being one of the most played games on handy gadgets.

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Clash of Clans Summary

This game brilliantly indulges players a lot more than other games in the genre. Clash of Clans is a great game for anyone who is interested in having some casual fun time without caring about the time actually invested in it. Overall, the game provides a wholesome satisfaction to its players. You might also be interested in other Android games for PC:

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