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Get ready to play plants vs Zombies on your PC and stem the zombie attack to protect your home in this addicting strategy game. This zombie fighting game is the sequel to the original and very popular Plants VS. Zombies game. After a long wait, lovers of this game can finally say “it’s about time” because a new version has finally been released to fill all of their gaming desires. After four years of waiting, this game was finally released on august 13, 2013. People have had enormous expectations of this game due to the awesomeness of the graphics and game play of the original, as well as dozens of awards and praise.

To top off the first game they jam packed this version with more, plants, zombies and even more levels of game play so you can stay addicted for even longer. Another advantage of this sequel is that there are more add-ons that you can purchase to enhance your game play. Yet, after the long anticipated release, did Plants VS. Zombies 2 live up to the high hopes and expectations of gamers around the world? Yes, it topped the free app charts in over 137 countries around the world!

Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC Free Download Game Play

Plot of The Game

The story of the game follows Crazy Dave, the crazy neighbor with a bit of speech problem. In the beginning of the game you get a precious bottle of hot sauce which is then used by Crazy Dave to top off his taco. Well it turns out that Dave really liked that taco with the that hot sauce, so much that he would do anything to enjoy it again. Therefore, he attempts to use his time machine to go back in time just to enjoy that piece of Mexican food, but it does not quite go as he had hoped it would. Instead of going back a couple of minutes, day, or hours – Crazy Dave managed to take everyone with him back to ancient Egypt. And just as you had suspected, his time machine malfunctions and they are stranded in this desolate town.

Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC Play Online

While in Egypt both plants and zombies are more than plentiful. While they are stranded in this area, the player must defeat the zombies. Once ancient Egypt has been freed from their zombies the player will then proceed to the pirate seas and then the good ole’ wild west. Upon defeating the wild west level, Crazy Dave and Penny notice that there is a brand new world called the Far Future, which is a bonus world to fight off zombies.

Where to Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC

PopCap allows you to download Plants VS. Zombies 2 for free straight to your phone from either the apple store or from the Android app store. The best way to play on your home computer is via a web browser here: play plants vs zombies online. There is another way to play this game on your PC and that is by downloading the bluestacks android emulator (free). This emulator allows you to download and play Plants VS. Zombies 2 for PC free. Playing this game on a PC rather than a smartphone promotes better graphics and overall much better gameplay.

Download Free Plants vs Zombies 2

Game Play

Unlike the previous Plants VS. Zombies, this one is a free to play version yet game play is still fairly similar. There are some difference introduced to the sequel that make it more liked than the first. In this game, you will gave to fight off zombies of all shapes and sizes which occupy five rows on the screen. To fight them off you will strategically place your plants in offensive and defensive areas in the soil of the grids and watch them fight off those zombies. To buy more plants you will use the sunshine currency which you will rank up through the game.

Plants vs Zombies 2 for Computer Download

There are several plants you can use to your zombie fighting benefit, some of which include:

  1. The basic pea shooter
  2. Bonk choy
  3. Classic potato mine

The more you populate your yard with a variety of healthy and ready to fight plants, the easier it will be for you to fight off those brain eating zombies. Through all of the plant upgrades and various upgrades, some more surprises are sure to be in store of the eager game players.

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