Drag Racing on Android/PC (Free Download)

Are you a gamer? Do you love to play racing games on your phone? Racing games can provide some really interactive and intense game play. Drag Racing is absolutely no exception to this and it currently holds the top place on the Google Play “Racing” game genre. Drag Racing throws rapid game play at the gamer from the very start. It currently boasts over 50 officially licensed cars, ranging all the way from hot hatches to supercars. Will you pick a Skyline GT-R, a BMW M3 or maybe a classic 69′ Mustang as your car of choice? The game includes virtually every sports car you can think of, so you’re a little spoilt for choice!

Playing Drag Racing on your PC for free

Whilst the app is natively supported on Android devices, what if you want to play on your PC? Well, you can via Android emulation software called Bluestacks which will enable you to download and play the Drag Racing game on your PC for free!

drag racing pc android free download

Do you find those racing games where you just travel in a line really boring? Try this game, you need to perfect the balance between grip and power whilst still maintaining your class. You can even add a little nitrous oxide for extra fun, but don’t do that too early! Adjust your gear ratios and save those valuable milliseconds. Do you think you can challenge the world record holders, or win ten tournaments consecutively? Play Drag Racing. It has a very competitive multi player scene in the “Online” section. Here you can rival your friends or just another random racer and beat them while driving their cars. Alternatively, you can race against 9 players simultaneously in competitions. You can even join a team to swap tunes, have strategy discussions and also to just share any achievements you’ve earned.

Main Drag Racing Features:

  • Exciting game play that isn’t overly complicated but still requires skill-Car upgrade options
  • Extensive multi player options and competitions
  • Gear changing (with a tutorial)
  • Nitrous oxide button is a nice game play mechanic to mix things up a little bit-Race against friends and family
  • Huge array of customizable settings to personalize the game.

drag racing pc android free download2

Here’s a few tips for you to get started in the game:

  • Cars and money are saved on your device, so ensure you don’t uninstall the game before updating or you’ll lose all of your progress.
  • When the dashboard indicator turns green or blue, launch and shift.
  • If there’s an excessive amount of wheelspin, you aren’t going to move. Check the orange indicator located on the dashboard.
  • You can ignore the lights and develop your own play style once you’ve learnt how to drive properly.
  • Underpowered cars with high grip are effected more by Nitrous. Timing is absolutely crucial when you use this.
  • Need quick cash? A simple method is to race against beginner or amateur computer controlled opponents to build up fast cash and improve your car. The greater the price of your car, the hard the opposition you will have to compete against online and offline.

drag racing pc android free download3

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