Why the iPhone 5C leads and others follow

The iPhone 5C introduction to the market was seen as a counter tactic for Apple to win the fast shrinking market after android powered models moved to win the low cost market ends. The iPhone 5C has not disappointed. The phone came with most features found in iPhone 4 and the market demand continues soaring. The main reason given for the great performance of the phone in the market is its features. Though the body is not glassy as it is with more advanced iPhones, it comes with a glossy plastic that many have found irresistible.

Special design

The design that yielded the construction of this phone is what many are referring to magic of iPhone 5C. Its casing is plastic which acts as a shell to the inner housing that ultimately yields reinforced structural integrity. It feels reassuringly firm as you hold it in your hand. Apple has exploited the fact that people are different and diverse by releasing different colors to the market. You can therefore select a white, red, blue, yellow or green iPhone 5C depending on your preference. However, iPhone 5c has a most popular color – guess which? Yellow. More people prefer yellow because of color brightness and ability to match with other accessories and outfits.

iphone 5c

The phone is fitted with an A6 Chip

One of the major reasons people are shifting to iPhone 5C is its enhanced speed. Complains over slow download time, graphics loading and other major applications continue to plague many models and fueling exodus to iPhone 5C. The A6 Chip allows you to easily load favorite blogs, apps, download applications and play your favorite video without hanging. It is for this reason that users consider it as a personal value addition to anything they want to do either at home or office.

Longer battery life and ultra fast LTE wireless

The iPhone 5c battery is tested and meant to give you longer hours of enjoying every application. Once you charge it completely, you can enjoy the entire day gamming, enjoying music or even editing photos without getting worried of unexpected closure. The phone also comes with about 13 LTE bands that surpass what was fitted in many previous smartphone models. You will therefore be able to enjoy faster downloads and uploading speeds. This helps travelers to enjoy more LTE available in different areas.

The iSight camera

People are increasingly finding it difficult to carry their phones and separate cameras to capture special scenes and videos of where they visit. This phone has provided a solution to that problem because it comes with a strong 8MP iSight camera that delivers special clarity and sharpness. It has a panorama that yields stunning levels of resolution when you are in soccer stadiums of the need to focus on images at longer distances.

Amazing interface

When you get an iPhone 5c, it is perhaps the simplest to use for all applications. The screen is cleaner and clearer while the icons are simple and lovely. The interface feels lovely and fluid to the user. This makes the phone a special companion and not simply a hand held electronic gadget. Make sure to compare iPhone 5c with many other models are you will realize it can truly change your lifestyle.

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