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Subway Surfers is a fun and involving game, and it come be addictive at times. The game is about a daring chase, and it involves a lot of running, with Jake running away from a policeman, and his grumpy little dog after he is caught painting a train compartment. The boy has a lot of hurdles to face with other trains coming his way. This makes the game enjoyable, and is probably one of the reasons why it has such a huge fan base around the world. The game is also constantly updated, with new versions being released every now and then. This means that users are provided with a new adventure every time a new version is released.

The Subway Surfers new version goes by the name Subway Surfers Moscow. It is is based on a city in Russia, and is more challenging that all the earlier versions. The Subway Surfers Moscow is compatible with most smart phones, and people using Android phones can download the APK for free from the Google Play Store. Other users, however, are not allowed to download this fun game from the Google store (without emulation software such as Bluestacks). See also: Subway surfers for pc.

Subway surfers moscow apk free download

About subway surfers APK Moscow hack APK download

This version allows users to download and install the Subway Surfers Moscow on their devices. If Subway Surfers sounds like your kind of game, you can download a relevant APK, and then transfer and install it on your Android device. You can then start enjoying the game immediately you have rebooted your device. For another fun game see Candy Crush Saga free download PC.

Subway Surfers MOSCOW v1.14.0 Apk [Unlimited CoinKey]

Some of the features that come with the new Subway Surfers Moscow include;

  • A new street in Moscow, Russia, making the game interesting even to those who have played earlier versions.
  • New outfits for all new characters.
  • New colored hurdles with differently colored trains.
  • A graphical interface to guide users on how to play the game. This makes it easy for everyone to understand the game, whether they have used any earlier version or not.
  • New hoverboard surfing style.
  • HD functionality, meaning that the game has super resolution, and is very clear.

Subway Surfers Moscow v1 apk

Most Subway Surfers lovers will find this new version more engaging and fun, and the completely new setup makes the experience different from any other version. If you have not tried any of the earlier versions, and you like speed and adventure, the new Subway Surfers Moscow will ensure that you have that, and so much more. What’s better, you can challenge your friends and also share what you are doing through different social media platforms like Facebook and twitter. The fact that the game presents multitudes of challenges only means that you will have enough going on to keep you occupied, and ensure that you have a fun filled challenge anytime you have some time to spare. Get the subway surfers Moscow hack APK download here to get the full benefit of having an interesting, and engaging game wherever you are.

Moscow Update subway surfers

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