Sony PS4 Confirms Release Date and Price

Gaming enthusiasts and addicts have another reason to smile with the announcement of the much awaited Sony PS4 release date and price. Sony, through its Gamescom 2013 press conference confirmed that their new much anticipated next-generation console would retail in stores later this year.

PS4 is set to be launched in the United States and Canada on November 15 while in Europe and Australia; it will hit the stores two week later in November 29. This will coincide with the release of Microsoft’s Xbox One, which will also debut in November. Even before its official release, the console is getting a lot of positive response with a growing number of people around the world placing pre-orders.

sony ps4 release date

According to analysts, the Sony PS4 is set to become the most favored gaming console in the world because of its added features and the innovative technology used in its design and construction. According to one of the representatives of the company, the console has been designed for “seamless and frictionless” gaming experience.

Earlier, it was indicated that Sony PS4 will have the capability to track the controller in the user’s hand as well as his or her face. Sony has revealed that there are additional interesting features that will make the console the only one of its kinds. These features present a major upgrade of Sony PS3. The design too looks great as compared to the earlier version of PlayStations manufactured by Sony.

In terms of price, Sony PS4 will retail for $399 in the US and Canada and £349 in the UK. This is about $100 cheaper compared to the price of Microsoft’s Xbox One, which will cost $499 in US and Canada and £429 in the UK and Australia. This price is highly competitive because this console has major improvements in it features compared with PS3, which retails for $299. The increase in price is little compared to the added features.

Another aspect, which makes this next-gen console the darling of many gamers around the world is the free features that it comes with. Microsoft is known to shelve its features under the veil of Xbox Live Gold Service and gamers have to pay to unlock them. The same cannot be said of Sony SP4. Sony will offer a lot more free features from Sony for free. Even better, the company announced that a variety of features such as free-to-play games such as Planetside 2 and party chat will be free whether you have PlayStation Plus subscription or not.

PS4 launch will feature some new and exclusive games including Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Watch Dogs and Infamous Second Son. Moreover, specific PS4 games set to feature include FIFA 14, Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4. All these are in store for those who will have bought this great gaming console by the time it is launched.

According to experts, SP4 will definitely edge out Microsoft’s Xbox One and could even reduce the impact its launch since this will happen in the same month of November. If you are a playstation gaming enthusiast, you can place a pre-order for this great next-gen console.

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