Dolphin Browser for pc free download windows 7/8/xp

Dolphin is an iPhone/Android web browser primarily for use on smartphones but can also be used on a PC or mac computer as a free download. It is suitable for Windows 7/8/XP. To run it on a PC you have to use some sort of emulation software (details of how to install below). Dolphin is one of the best web browsers and has many thousands of die hard fans. The browser has everything that is needed to enjoy browsing the web thus giving an awesome user experience.

Features of Dolphin

It has a number of applications which will not only be convenient to you but they will also save you time. From dolphin apps store, you can be able to choose your best application at once. You don’t have to do it one by one. This is unique with dolphin browser thus making it the best in the apps market. Secondly, the browser allows for application addition to your home screen which makes it easy on future visits. They are accessed at a glance thus saving on time. Finally the browser allows for sharing of information such as phone numbers, links maps among other from the old PC to your new PC/device. This saves on time and resources that could have been used in transferring the data/information if you were using other browsers. How interesting and convenient is this?

Dolphin Web Browser

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How to install the Dolphin browser on a Windows PC

Ensure that your PC has an android emulator installed in it. If it does not, download blue stacks for windows.

This is followed by launching the emulator on your desktop. This will display a number of icons, click search box that is available on home screen of the emulator. In the search box, enter the name Dolphin browser and click on enter. This will automatically display a number of dolphin browsers and other information related to the browser. On the extreme right on this list, there is an option of install. Since this is all you need, the click on it. This will automatically start downloading the browser. It will take a few minutes to complete. The speed of downloading entirely depends on the speed of your internet and your PC features. After down loading and installation, Dolphin browser is ready for use. To activate this browser, click on the start menu option at the center or middle of your screen. This will make the browser available on the emulator for use. This can be followed by entering the correct URL of interest and the browser will start functioning as though you are using a Smartphone. The above simple steps will start and finish the installation of Dolphin browser thus giving you the fastest surfing experience.

Dolphin web browser for pc

Many people are not sure whether the Dolphin web browser can work well on their PCs or not. To ascertain compatibility of this browser to either windows7/8/ XP, just download it, install and start using it.

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