5 cool things you can do with an Instagram Login

This article covers the 5 coolest things you can do in Instagram with a user login account. Social media networks have ushered in a new generation. People these days want to get in the know about anything and everything as well as share their lives to loved ones and friends wherever they may be. Instagram is one of the leading photo apps in the internet. After being propelled into popularity by Mac phones and tablet users, Instagram now remains one of the highly visited sites.

Instagram allows users to take pictures of anyone or anything at anytime of the day, post it on their page and share it to the world. In a nutshell Instagram is tweeter in photos, or tumbler’s post it notes. If you have the app on your phone or gadget here’s 5 cool things you can do with an Instagram login: Sharing your interests and gaining a following Let’s face it in this day and age where social media is part of daily living we all want to be recognized if not be popular. Gaining a following on Instagram works the same way in any other social networking sites. Just post something relevant, witty, interesting or appealing. People with similar interests will eventually follow you. If you have a cause or you have a petition you want to rally then Instagram is another avenue you can try. Even if all you just want is more people to follow your blog you can always count on drawing them in with photos and videos.



Finding a platform for your talent If you have an eye for fashion, or photographs in general then submit your photos and feel free to advertise your skills. If you’re a talented artist you can take snapshots of your drawings and post it on your page. Fan art of various genres are taking on a higher level, competing for the stage on any given networking site. From arts to crafts to cosplay and all other visual hobbies you can optimize your audience on Instagram. Learn New things! If you can’t cook to save your life, then you might find it handy to know that Instagram has thousands of recipes posted by avid foodies the world over. Take your skills to the next level and try out exotic cuisines without the expensive school training. Customize your stuff! Snap a photo and get it on your shirt, mug, phone casing, ipad cover, etc. You can send images to a store to customize your things for you. Best part is it is one of a kind.

Free adverstising for your business! By linking your Instagram login with other social media networks you can increase your audience and draw in future clients. Show them what you have got to offer through Instagram photos and videos. You can feature your own photo gallery. If you are a videographer who offers event services you can put up samples of your work and build a network of clients from there.

With Instagram’s newest features you can even find photos specific to certain locations or tag your own. Edit your photos in real-time to achieve different moods and tones. Get relevant in news, sports, and pop culture by sharing your own views. Instagram and Facebook has teamed up to increase your social media experience too so you can snap away and share to the world. Be a part of it.

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