Picture Collage Maker 1.4.0 –Top Free Photography App for iOS

What could be more creative and fascinating than to share your rough photos with others in good-looking collages? It’s a great way to express yourself with a handful of photos. There are many apps on mobile for creating collages on the go. Picture Collage Maker is one of the most creative collage creators on iPhone and iPod touch.

Picture Collage Maker for iOS is a free collage creator that easily makes collages for different occasions with your photos in just taps away. It features many theme packs as well as art resources. The powerful editing features enable you to personalize your collages freely.

picture collage maker iphone app

Using Picture Collage Maker for iOS is just like A, B, C. In only three steps: choose a template; add photos and customize collage; export or share collage; you can create personalized collages quickly and easily with your own life photos.

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If you are a veteran in photography or collage-making, you are encouraged to create a blank project to start your collage. It is a way to fully unleashing your creativity. If you are not not too tech savvy, you can simply choose a delicately designed template in Picture Collage Maker 1.4.0 to create a collage easily in seconds.

After the template is set, you are free to add photos from Facebook albums, Library or just taking a photo instantly with the camera. The powerful photo capacity of the app allows a maximum of 30 photos for each collage. You can add multiple photos at one time.

Once the photos are added, you can crop the photo to make them fit well in the frame. Apply special photo effects to embellish the collage so that it can get a more artistic look. Picture Collage Maker for iOS makes it easy to enhance artificially the dull colors or the bright colors.

Do you want to make you collage even more attractive and special? Just decorate your collage using the professionally designed art resources like frames, backgrounds, stickers, borders, texts, photo effects, etc. In the latest version of Picture Collage Maker for iOS, there are 13 frames, 60 + pattern backgrounds and color background in total, and 115 stickers. For the Kuso package including another 30 unique stickers, one can get it once they complete a simple task in the app. Many more themes packs and art resources are just on the way.

If you want more, add some meaningful text captions to your collage so that everyone can read the story you want to tell. To make the text look delightful, adjust it to the proper font, size, and color. Moreover, simply make an adjustment to lines and a colorful outline to the text caption.

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Upon editing your collages, Picture Collage Maker for iOS 1.4.0 gives you a great flexibility to edit the collages as with the former version. You are free to rotate, move, scale, or resize a certain object. It is easy to rotate objects to a regular angle with its “Auto Snap” functionality. If you delete some object mistakenly, just undo it to go back to the last step.

When you finish your collage and are ready to share it, Picture Collage Maker offers you three common size options to share your works – Small (600×900), Middle (800×1200) and Large (1600×2400). You can choose one from these sizes according to your needs.

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After you have picked a size, the flexible sharing options of Picture Collage Maker for iOS allow you to post your collage directly and simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr with just one tap. Of course, you can share some of them respectively if you like. You can view and Like the collages shared by your Facebook Friends on their Facebook albums within the app.

In additional, like many other collage apps could accomplish, Picture Collage Maker lets you share your works of art directly with Instagram, save it to your Camera Roll, or share via e-mail. you are able to save your collage as project for future editing.

The current version of Picture Collage Maker for iOS 1.4.0 requires iOS 5.0 or later, and it supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch. The app can be free downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store.

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Picture Collage Maker for iOS is FREE! Isn’t it super amazing? During the whole process of composing a collage, the app lets you preview your works in real time for a seamless creating process. I bet you will definitely love it once you try it out.

A collage could be much more overwhelming than say a thousand words. Why don’t you make a collage to share your stories with your friends and family right away? Picture Collage Maker for iOS will help you to achieve it easily and quickly.

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