Turbo Charge your Computer with PC Optimizer Free Download for Windows 7

Installing an Antivirus and keeping it up to date is not the only thing you need to do to keep your Windows PC working in fine fettle. There are lots of bottlenecks and other issues a Windows PC can have, all of which can seriously affect your performance.

There are many software options available to optimize the performance of your PC. CCleaner is the most popular one but in our view, it is still missing some vital features. The list of alternatives to CCleaner is also long, so if you want our advice, you should take a look at PC Optimizer.

PC optimizer

PC Optimizer is so good that I can rate it excellent or can give 5 out of 5 points as it solved one of my worst problems. Blue Screen Error of Death is a common problem of Windows 7 PC and my PC was one of its victims. Microsoft officially released a Hotfix for fixing BSOD but unfortunately the Hotfix didn’t work for me.

But when I installed PC Optimizer and fixed all the errors and issues found in my PC then all my BSOD problems went away. There are some other benefits also which will turbo-charge your computer with ease.

Features of PC Optimizer

PC Optimizer comes with three types of tools, system tools, security tools and file tools. The system tool scans your Windows PC for issues and errors.

The registry editor of the Windows can have a load of faulty and unnecessary entries which can clog up your PC. Modifying the registry by yourself is not recommended as you can easily break your machine. However, PC Optimizer can do that without fear of permanent damage.

PC optimizer free download for Windows 7

Next is the security tool which will keep your system protected from viruses and malwares, just like an antivirus program. Though it works like an antivirus program, I would still advise you to have your normal antivirus running on your system as it’s not a professional tool to deal with viruses and malware rather it’s a simple tool to find them and let you know.

Next is the file tool which can be used to delete or modify files. This tool searches for errors and issues in your files and folders and fixes them. Other features which are important for our system are the temporary file cleaner, storage optimizer, system defragmentation and also the backup. Yes, there is backup tool built-in to PC Optimizer which you can use to create a complete backup of your Windows system before PC Optimizer makes any changes (recommended). If the changes made by PC Optimizer makes your system work slower then you can use the backup to restore your system back to normal condition.


PC Optimizer is compatible with Windows 95, NT, 98, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and also with Windows 7.  I tried this out on Windows 7 because, lets face it, these other OS’s are fairly old now and are unsupported by Microsoft. It worked fine on my Windows 7 PC and I found the tool very useful.

PC Optimizer Free Download for Windows 7

You can download PC Optimizer free for Windows 7 from CNET or from official download page. But remember the PC Optimizer is available for free only for 30 days i.e. it comes with 30 day trial period and after 30 days you’ve to pay about $39 to get the software working again.

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