Speed up your PC with Kingsoft PC Doctor free download

Feeling frustrated by a slow computer? Everyone wants to get the best performance from their computer but upgrading to latest laptop or desktop PC is not always feasible.

The technology you are using today will be overtaken by new, faster hardware and it will become cluttered by unused programs and files. So what can you do to get super speedy performance from your PC?

Well, there is lots of software solutions available for just this problem. You must have heard about the CCleaner also. If you’re using CCleaner already but not happy with its performance or UI or having any other issue then I’m here with one good alternative for you.

In all other cases, if you’re not using CCleaner or any other such software on your Windows PC then also you need to read about some software called Kingsoft PC Doctor. What this software all about?

Those who’ve already used CCleaner or any other PC optimization software should be pretty clued up already but for the rest of us, let me start with a brief introduction for those who’re not aware of it.

What is Kingsoft PC Doctor?

Kingsoft PC DoctorKingsoft PC Doctor is free to download software that will optimize your Windows PC to get its performance at the maximum possible level. The software doesn’t require you to upgrade the hardware but fixes all the issues found in the operating system during the system check and removes them so that PC starts performing at highest speed.

Features of Kingsoft PC Doctor

After that brief introduction, I will now tell you the features you’ll get in this software. So here I start with the features of Kingsoft PC Doctor.

  1. It will boost up the start up time of your PC first so that you get to know what it’s like to have a fast booting PC again!
  2. There is one key in the software for fixing all the errors found during system check. So you don’t need to get involved in complex procedures.
  3. Whatever your PC performance it rated as by the Kingsoft software, it will be shown to you in form of marks. This will help you note down and compare performance during different times and situations.
  4. It cleans all the temporary and other kind of files which are not required by your PC now but they are counting on the performance.
  5. It can even fix the blue screen error. This is the biggest benefit of using this software as Windows 7 and Windows Vista users often get bluescreen errors that they can’t do anything about.
  6. It can be used to remove unused files from your PC to increase disc space which will definitely improve your PC performance.
  7. It provides protection from viruses also but that doesn’t mean you should uninstall your antivirus. Keep it as an additional guard.

Kingsoft PC Doctor free download

So these were the features of the Kingsoft PC Doctor software using which you can speed up your PC.

Now let me tell you the hardware and software requirements of this great program.

Kingsoft PC Doctor Requirements

  1. It runs well on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Vista.
  2. It requires at least 128MB of RAM or above.
  3. It requires CPU clock speed to be at least 500MHz or above.

Kingsoft PC Doctor Free Download

I hope you’re convinced completely and just want to get your free download of Kingsoft PC Doctor and install it to speed up your PC right now.

Here is the link from where you can get Kingsoft PC Doctor free download.

[Kingsoft PC Doctor Free Download]

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