Run Multiple OS’s with Virtual PC free download

What can you do when your favorite program is incompatible with the operating-systems you are currently running? In this situation we either install two operating-systems and boot from each one in turn or use ‘Virtual Machines’ that will let you run another operating-system at the same time as your existing one (in a separate program window).

Microsoft has developed software which will let you install and run multiple virtual machines and they called it – Virtual PC. You can grab your copy of Virtual PC 2007 for free from the official website of Microsoft or you can also get it free from CNET Download.

Download Microsoft Virtual PC

Features of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

Virtual PC

  1. The software installs very easily and using it is no hassle since Microsoft has kept the overall user interface very simple.
  2. You can install more than two operating systems with this software on your single PC that means the software will let you run multiple OS’s on your single Windows PC.
  3. Almost all the features of the guest OS can be utilized once they are installed while the parent OS is already there.
  4. The software supports both 32 and 64 bit of PC system configurations.
  5. It doesn’t require a high speed processor or CPU combo inside and it can run on the Pentium level CPU very well.


Microsoft Visual PC 2007 has got following requirements,

  1. The processor should be clocked at at-least 1GHz. The software is able to run on Pentium processors as already mentioned but to get good processing speed your system should have at least Dual core processors inside.
  2. The amount of RAM required depends on individual requirements of the parent or host OS and the guest OS but I’ll recommend you to have at least 1GB of RAM inside otherwise you’re system could grind to a halt. Anything equal to or more than 2GB of RAM will be really good for the performance of the system and software.
  3. Officially Microsoft says that the software runs well on Windows XP but I’ve found lots of problems while running software on that OS. I’ll recommend you use it on Windows 7 or higher  or the upgraded version of Windows Vista. It can also be run on Windows Server 2003 and higher versions.
  4. The C drive or the drive in which the parent or host OS is installed should have enough disk space to have the guest OS’s files saved.

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007


Just after getting the software downloaded on your PC then you need to double click on the Setup.exe file and the software will get installed within couple of minutes. I didn’t found any trouble while installing it on my Windows 7 running PC but make sure you’ve downloaded correct architecture (32 or 64 bit) version of the Virtual PC 2007.


I’ve been using this software for a few months and I’ve installed Windows XP on my Windows 7 running PC. As a programmer I mainly have compatibility issues with lots of old software or IDE on Windows 7 so I needed software which can let me install two OS’s on my single PC and I found Microsoft Virtual PC works the best.

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