Message your friends for free with Whatsapp for Blackberry

BlackBerry is still a popular and preferred smartphone brand and there are a huge number of people using BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry is the best smartphone in terms of security and professionalism and the QWERTY keyboard is great for writing quick emails and texts (specially if you have butter-fingers!).

It used to be the case that BlackBerry users had no choice but to use BBM for their messaging and chat apps. But now the most popular and awesome chatting app is available for the BlackBerry smartphones as well – WhatsApp! The app is developed by the official WhatsApp team and the app maintains the same feel that you would be accustomed to from the Android, IPhone or PC version.


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What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free cross platform messaging app that allows its users to do unlimited instant messaging for free. The app is available for free on the BlackBerry App world as well. In order to set up WhatsApp, you need to enter your mobile number of the SIM in your BlackBerry smartphone and WhatsApp will send you a confirmation code.

Once you enter that code then the app will be activated and it will scan all of your contacts. Within few minutes the app will tell you which of your friends is already using WhatsApp. Once you have your friends in your WhatsApp contact list, then you are free to do unlimited instant messaging with them.

The app also allows sharing of videos, images and voice messages for free. All you need is the BlackBerry smartphone with minimum 4.6.0 version of BlackBerry operating system and BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) or BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES). However, one small drawback is that WhatsApp is not completely free – you need to pay $0.99 after using the app for free for one year. It’s not going to break the bank and if you use it regularly, its well worthwhile.



One Serious Issue

Although WhatsApp is currently one of the best instant messaging apps, there are some issues related to the BlackBerry app version. Problems vary with users and an update is expected soon to fix the problems but the WhatsApp team has been a bit slow in providing the additional support. I hope the WhatsApp Inc team provides the updates to the app very soon and it becomes the best app for instant messaging for BlackBerry users.

BBM is also coming to other platforms

Very soon BBM will be available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS platform. Once BBM arrives for all cross platforms then people will definitely start using it. No doubt, BBM will provide a tough competition to WhatsApp and all other cross platform instant messaging apps.

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