How to Download and Install Hike Messenger for Nokia, iPhone, Android (free download)

In recent times, Android developers appear to have taken a fresh look at a new section of apps i.e. messaging apps. Right now there are lots of messaging apps being developed and people are using them for free messaging using their data allowances included in their mobile plans. WhatsApp is the leading messaging app which is available for all operating systems and it is even more popular than BBM. Previously, the best messaging app was BBM but right now it’s WhatsApp.

However, there is one feature which is missing in WhatsApp i.e. it doesn’t allow users to send messages to mobile numbers who don’t have this app installed. If you don’t want to miss this feature then you must try out another free messaging app that is available on multiple platforms. I’m talking about the Hike messenger app here. This is in the list of top 10 best messaging app that is available on cross platforms. It is even available for Nokia mobile phones i.e. Symbian running mobile phones.

You can download and install Hike messenger on Nokia, iPhone or android smartphone for free. The app is very simple to use and its user interface looks impressive.

Features of Hike Messenger

The Hike messenger hasn’t got truckloads of features to brag about but it still has great appeal, in our view, and has a massive following.

Hike Messenger

  1. You can update your status like you’ve done on your Facebook account. This is how you can tell your friends what all you’re up to.
  2. You can create circle of friends and can start doing group chat anytime you want to.
  3. You can share photos between your friends.
  4. Of course you can do unlimited free instant messaging between your friends.

Download Hike for Nokia

If you use Nokia mobile phone or smartphone then you must know about Nokia’s OVI store. OVI store is the app store for Nokia mobile phones and if your device has got OVI store then you need to follow below mentioned steps,

  1. Start OVI store app (follow the link above)
  2. Search for Hike messenger and get to the app
  3. Download the app.

That’s it! The app will automatically get installed and you’ll be able to use it.

Features of this app are common on every platform. You’ll not find any changes in features on Android or on iPhone or on Nokia mobile phone.

Hike Messenger for iPhone

The Hike messenger app developers have also developed the app according to iOS guidelines and thus the app is available on the iTunes app store.

The app is available for free and you can download and install Hike messenger app on your iPhone like you did with any other app. The UI is impressive, simple and very much similar to the UI for Nokia or Android platform app.

Hike Messenger for Android

This is where there are maximum number of users for this app. Android is the leading operating system brand for mobile phones and this app is being downloaded and used by millions.

The app is available for free on the GooglePlay store and you can download and install Hike messenger like you’ve done any other app till now.

If you own a Windows smartphone or a BlackBerry then also you can use this app as it is available on both of them.

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