How to Download and Install Karbonn PC suite (free download)

Karbonn is leading the budget price mobile phone section in India and it will continue to grow because it’s manufacturing good devices (even Android smartphones) and offering better services than other popular brands. Before Micromax, Karbonn was leading the Android smartphone market share (in low budget section) but these days Micromax, Samsung and other brands are there to provide tough competition to Karbonn.

Having touched on how Karbonn is doing in mobile phone market, I’ll now talk about the PC suite for Karbonn mobile phones. If you’re already a customer of Karbonn that has a Karbonn mobile phone then you are probably looking to download and install Karbonn PC Suite.

What is Karbonn PC Suite?

Karbonn PC suite is software that will allow the mobile phone owners to connect their mobile phone with their computer or laptop. Right now the software is available only for the Windows OS.

The software is like sync software which behaves like an in-between interface to synchronize data between PC or laptop and the Karbonn mobile phone.

Karbonn PC Suite

The software is available for free download and you can install and use it for free.

Karbonn PC Suite Review

Karbonn PC suite doesn’t look so elegant but still it’s the last option available to connect your device and control via PC or laptop. The UI is simple but doesn’t look elegant at all.

The software is packed in with all the required features. On the left you’ll see PhoneBook, Message, Settings, Images, Melody, MMS and FileManager. There are few buttons at top as well using which you can do copy, paste, delete and few more other tasks.

The FileManager option can be used to see all the files which are there on your Karbonn mobile phone and you can add, delete or modify any file from here.

The PhoneBook option will take you to the contacts stored on your mobile phone. You can take the backup of your Phonebook or restore the backup.

The message option let you access messages of your mobile phone right there on the PC or laptop and this is how Images, Melody (music) and MMS options work.

If you want to change the settings of your mobile phone and the Karbonn PC suite then you need to click the Settings tab on the left. There will be a short popup that will appear and then you can change the settings comfortably.

How to Connect Karbonn Mobile to Karbonn PC Suite

Once the software is installed on your PC or laptop then you need to start that. You can start it by double clicking on its desktop icon or choose it from program menu in Start.

Karbonn Mobile PC Suite

Once it’s started then connects your Karbonn mobile phone via USB cable.

That’s it! This is how you can connect your Karbonn mobile phone to the Karbonn PC suite.

Download and Install Karbonn PC Suite (Free)

Installation of the software (Karbonn PC Suite) is trouble free as the software is very basic and not having too many options that can increase its size and installation troubles.

All you need to have is the downloaded package of the software then use it to install. The installation is similar to any software having basic features.

You can download Karbonn PC suite from the official page. Select the device or model number of your mobile phone and click on Search button. The Karbonn PC Suite compatible with your device will be in front of you in few seconds.

karbonn pc suite software windows free download

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