10 Awesome iPad Apps

The iPad’s operating-system, iOS, is the most advanced operating-system for smartphones and tablets available today. The main attraction of the iOS is that it is very simple to use and it looks very clean and elegant. If you own an Apple device then you’ll be a proud user of the iOS.

iPads have been really successful for the Apple as they have been adopted as alternatives to bulky laptops or notebooks. There are no limits what an iPad can do, this is because of the quality apps which are available at the iTunes app store compatible with the iPad you owning.

If you too own an iPad then you must look out at the list of top 10 awesome iPad apps which I’m listing below here. All these apps are really good and that’s why I tagged them as awesome iPad apps.

#1 FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata

This app will let you track all your flights. The app will save all your details and you’ll be able to access whatever details or information you need while taking a flight anywhere around the world.

FlightTrack Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata

The app comes with simple user interface and its being there for a long time. If you travel a lot via flights then you must bored this app on your iPad. [Download]

#2 Urbanspoon for iPad

Next is eating! If you too like eating different food around different restaurants then this app is meant for you. You will be exploring thousands of apps inside this app and the app will even tell you menu with price.

Urbanspoon for iPad

The app also searches for nearby restaurants and you can try searching by using filters as well. Those who have already there at a particular restaurant can review on this app and you can read that review to get a glimpse of what you’ll get there. [Download]

#3 Skype for iPad

Voice and video calling without carrier is possible and there are lots of apps available for that but not every app is worth trying. Here comes the Skype which is the most popular and widely used app for video and voice calling. It even features unlimited instant messaging.

Skype for iPad

If your friend is also using Skype then the video and voice calling are free but you can also call on any phone number around the world by paying the charges for that. [Download]

#4 MyPad – for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

If you’re tired of login into Facebook and Twitter again and again to see content there and looking for one single client from where you can access both of these social networks then you should try out MyPad app.

MyPad - for Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

The app is available for free and it even supports chat feature of Facebook. The app have been rated as best app for Facebook. [Download]

#5 IM+ Instant Messenger

We all use instant messaging these days and there are lots of social networks available to use. But what if we want all the social network chats to work from a single platform?

IM+ Instant Messenger

Here comes the role of this awesome app known as IM+. You can use this app to sign into all your social networks at once and start chatting. [Download]

#6 Parallels Mobile

This awesome iPad app allows using apps on Mac or on Windows PC right from your iPad while you’re away from them. That means the app offers remote access.

Parallels Mobile

You can start or stop any app remotely from your iPad. In case of Windows, the app only supports Windows 7 till now. [Download]

#7 Air Display

Using this app you can extend the display of your PC or laptop. I’m not kidding! It is possible only through this amazing app and it even allows putting input to the display by simply touching.

Air Display

You can extend the display of your Windows or Mac easily and it supports both landscape and portrait modes. [Download]

#8 AppShopper

This app will notify you once if any app is available for free or on discount. It happens many times that our favorite app is available on discount but we are not aware of that.

This amazing app will keep you updated with all offers on going on the iTunes store. [Download]

#9 Pocket

This app will let you save whatever you’re reading now in case you’re running out for some work and want to complete the story later. This app is one of the must have app for people who like reading.


The app supports all the browsers and you can save any article or story in this app which you can retrieve back when you’re free to read that again. [Download]

#10 Mint for iPad

If you’re not good at money management and always forget where you spent that penny then start using this app as it will keep track of all your expenses.

The app will create pie charts or other graphics to let you know all about your expenditures. You can save details regarding your savings, investing and expending. [Download]

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