Top Websites to Download Free Software in 2013

There are lots of sources over the internet from where you can download free software but not every one of them is genuine. Like most of the people like downloading software via torrents but the chances of getting infections with software are very high in this case.

So which one is the best way to download free software without getting infections like virus, malware, Trojan, etc? I’m including here a list of top websites to download free software in 2013.

Top Websites to Download Free Software in 2013

Websites to Download Free Software

All these websites are known for their genuine software, better UI and no worries about infections. So here is the list for top websites to download free software.

CNET Download

The very first, most popular and recommended website to download free software in 2013 and it will continue to be at the top position, why? Because of its clean and simple UI, quality reviews, good download speed and no chance of getting viruses.

At CNET download you can get any software not just the free one but also the paid one. If you want to try any paid software then you can find that also. So, these were the features which make CNET download the top website to download free software.


This is another top website to download software. It has got plenty of free and paid software for all the operating system known till now. The UI is simple and looks elegant. Bet part is that there are no chances of getting infections with the download files.

You can search for any software and I’m sure that you can find free software for any particular function easily at this website. Apart from free software, there are many paid software available too that will provide you better features and performance than the free ones.


This one is most popular website and lots of people recommend it due to its elegant looking UI and good number of free software available. You can easily search for any kind of software and there will be a list of free software in front of you shortly.

You can also find reviews and ratings of software done by people who had already used all those software. In short, FileHippo is one of the top website to download free software.


Last website I’ll recommend here is the Soft32. This website has been available for users since many years providing quality software both free and paid ones.

Personally, I don’t like the UI of this website but still the database of free software is very huge which makes this website count in to the list. You can get free software easily for any particular functionality or feature.

Other Valuable Websites

Well, the above four listed websites to download free software are not the only one in the party. There are lots of other websites available over the internet from years that are providing free software and paid one too but their UI don’t impressed me.

I’m listing few other websites which also provide free and paid software to download in 2013 since many years. You can try any of them too.



Computer Shopper


Over to You

These were the few recommended websites other than top websites to download free software in 2013. You can go with any one you wish but it would be great and comfortable all the time for you if you go with the top ones.

In case, you’re not finding any free software for one particular function or feature or problem then instead of downloading any software from unreputed source, go for some paid software. I’m sure there must be a paid software in this case.

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