Top 6 Internet Browsers of 2013 (New)

Internet browser is a program that allows access to the internet. Internet is a vast collection of web pages having lots of information. Now to access web pages, web browser is needed.

Internet browser is capable of reading all the programming languages using which web pages have been developed. Most popular languages are PHP, HTML and ASP .NET.

Here I’m with a list of top 6 internet browsers of 2013. These software  are arranged according to their popularity and number of users. So the browser on the top is the most popular than all other at bottom.

List of Top Internet Browsers of 2013 (Review)

Google Chrome

Google developed Chrome web browser that was based on Chromium source code. This source code is so powerful and secure that Chrome that was developed on it was having all the things perfect that was required in a browser.

Google Chrome browser

In no time, Chrome has become popular as it was simple, good looking, secure and fast. In fact it is the fastest web browser available till now. Another thing behind the popularity of Chrome is its features.

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It provides lots of features that are still not available with earlier popular one. Every Google service is integrated within the browser and almost every internet geek or user love Google. This one got first rank in my list of top Internet Browser due to its features and functions.

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Mozilla Firefox

In the starting of internet, it was the first internet browser that provided multi tasking feature i.e. the tab browsing but the Opera and Chrome affected it by a huge margin.

Mozilla Firefox

This one is also good in security, provides multi tasking, simple user interface, good speed (but less than chrome) and add-ons. The browser is available for free as it is developed by a nonprofit organization.

Apple Safari

Mac lovers know about it and it comes as default browser with every Mac OS but you can install it on your Windows PC as well. It is fast, good looking, secure and also free.

Apple Safari

I really appreciate what all features and quality Safari provides but still it is limited with Mac users that’s why not so popular as other two browsers at the top.


Opera is available for desktop and also for the mobile phone users. It is pretty good looking and fast browser but provides fewer features. In fact the features it provides are almost out dated now that’s why its popularity decreased.



If you don’t like using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox then I’ll recommend this for you as it got lots of features that are really worth.


It is based on the same Chromium source code as of Chrome browser but completely different from Chrome. It is fast, secure and simple to use. It provides lots of extra features that took me after using it and right now I’m using it.

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If you want to use other browser just for sake of change then try SlimBrowser. It has got lots of extra features included within that you’ll not feel need of extra add-ons or extensions.


So that was out list of best Internet Browsers which tops in 2013, if you know any other then please do comment and let us know about that, we will update our post with that.

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  1. Vijesh says:

    Though Chrome and Mozilla are most used web browsers fact is that most of the people in the world are still using internet explorer. As it is the only web browser which gives a newbie user that it might do something with internet.The name internet explorer makes a user think that it is the only available internet tool.

    BTW nice informative article Krishna.

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