How to Speed Up Samsung Galaxy S3 Instantly?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most popular Android smartphone (before the launch of Galaxy S4) and due to an internal quad core processor it is very fast at processing data. However, after a while, many users find that they want some extra speed and power to get the most out of their S3.

Speed Up Galaxy S3 Instantly

So if you’re also facing the same problem on your Galaxy S3 then read on for the best tips to speed up your Galaxy S3 instantly.

Speed Up Galaxy S3

Speed Up Galaxy S3

By instantly, I mean that you’ll find changes in processing speed in your smartphone as soon as you follow any of these tips and to get the maximum results, follow all of them.

Internal Storage and Apps

The minimum internal storage available with the Galaxy S3 is 16GB in which all the apps that you install are saved (by default). S3 users tend to install lots of apps and then don’t use them and this is how many apps fall into the category of “Not used since many weeks” quite often. If you are after speed, you need to get rid of these apps.

If you don’t want to use a particular app in future then uninstall it and remove all associated files. This will free up available internal storage on your S3 and it will also increase the processing speed. If you don’t want to delete an app permanently then you can shift it onto the microSD card.

Anti-Virus App

The Android operating-system is open source and infections, viruses, malware are very common. It has been officially confirmed many times by brand manufacturers that their devices are targeted by tonnes of malwares and viruses. If your S3 has acquired some unwanted malicious programs then you need to get rid of that and your speed will increase.

Antivirus App

An antivirus app is right for you at this moment. It will not only remove that infection but also keep your device safe from them in future. As you use your S3 for connecting to internet, this antivirus app will also provide live protection from online threats. The best recommended antivirus apps for S3 are AVG, Lookout and TrustGo Antivirus. Other antivirus products have been known to decrease the performance of your device so don’t install them.

OS Upgrade

The S3 handset was initially launched with Android ICS 4.0.4 OS but later came an official upgrade with Jelly Bean and 4.1.2 was made available. If you’ve not upgraded then connect your device with Kies and upgrade it with the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OS. You’ll definitely see increase in performance of your device.

Using Task Manager

Use task manager to kill all the apps that you’re not using right now. Android supports multi-tasking so it doesn’t stop any app unless you manually kill it. So in order to increase performance or speed up your S3, you need to stop all the running but not used apps manually.

Battery Meter

This may sound awkward to you but the battery life also affects the performance of any smartphone. When battery goes down then smartphone moves the processor to battery saving mode and you don’t get the best speed.

So it’s best if you keep the battery meter always charged so that your smartphone provides you with speedy use when you want it. In order to save battery life, put the display’s brightness level to as low as possible.

Last Touch

If you’re still not satisfied with the speed of your Samsung Galaxy S3 then it’s time to root it and install the CPU Tuner app, using this app you will be able to increase or decrease the speed of your Galaxy S3 smartphone. You can try installing some compatible custom ROM too, that will further improve the speed of your device.

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