How to Sign Up to Facebook and Login

Facebook is the most addictive social networking right now and it’s going to be at the same position for at least another year. Why am I saying that it’s going to stay for one year? Recent Facebook marketing strategies gave opportunities to its users to use advertisements to promote their products and services. This infected the news feed of the Facebook and it is affecting the user experience. This may turn some people off but for now at least it is probably the most engaging social network and has the largest user base.

Facebook Review

Anyway, whatever happens to Facebook is not the question here. As you are looking for a tutorial on how to Sign up to Facebook and login then you must be new to Facebook.  I’ll guide you throughout the process of signing up to Facebook and logging-in here but let me first give you details about the Facebook a little bit. You can think of it as a mini-review of Facebook as well. Alternatively, you may have been looking for: Facebook Proxy Login Sites list.

News Feed

FacebookThis is where all the stuff being shared and posted by your friends and pages are shown. News Feed provides access to the posts or whatever news, photo, video being shared by your friends or pages you like. Recently Facebook changed the look of News Feed but its still needs to be activated for all the users as right now it’s in testing mode.


The page where your profile is being listed is known as Timeline on Facebook. It is called Timeline because all news and stories are categorized according to the time. Facebook gathers all your posts and other details and puts them according to the time on the Timeline.

Graph Search

This is the search engine on Facebook. It let you search for some pre defined search terms. You can search for people, places, pages, groups and lot more. Graph search is still available for English (US) search terms only but very soon it will be available for all languages which Facebook supports.

Apart from these three you can create or join groups and you can chat with all your friends without paying anything. Facebook recently started online gifts services but right now only available in US.

So, this was the short review of Facebook. Using it is very simple and you’ll become expert in using it very soon. All you need to do is sign up for a new account and start Facebooking.

How to Sign up to Facebook

Facebook Sign up

  1. Go to or search for FB, Facebook on any search engine and click the first result you found.
  2. On the very first page you’ll see a little form that you need to fill out for singing up. Fill out all the details that it’s asking and click on Sign up.
  3. Now Facebook will ask for more personal details like your school, city, home town, higher studies, etc and it will ask you to upload a profile picture of yourself.
  4. In next, it will ask you to find friends. When you add school and home town then Facebook will start showing people you may know. There are chances that you’ll find lots of people which you know in real life as well, add them on your Facebook account.
  5. Move on to the Timeline and there you can edit all the options to add your personal details. You can add cover photo too on your timeline.
  6. Make sure you check all privacy settings properly so that you can keep your personal data private on Facebook. Don’t worry it will be all easy.

That’s it! Don’t forget to check security settings too so that you provide best possible security to your profile.

How to Login to Facebook

Now when next time you want to login into your Facebook account then you can start the again and then login with your user name or e-mail ID and password combination. This is so simple and within few seconds you’ll get a login into your Facebook account.

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    I am trying to get on facebook on my moms computer and her face book page keeps coming up how do I creat my own facebook page

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