A Must-Read Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung is trying extremely hard to get people to buy its latest Galaxy android smartphone – the Galaxy S4. You will probably have seen the adverts over the internet, TV and also on radio channels that shows just how much Samsung is trying to sell their S4 to you. The Samsung marketing team is really doing a good job since the commercials are very impressive and will definitely attract customers.

But is the Galaxy S4 really worth buying over your iPhone or any other android smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

To know the answer to the above question you need to read the rest of our review.


I should award Samsung for making a great lineup of similar looking Galaxy smartphones and still holding the best smartphone manufacturer crown. The S4 doesn’t really have any new design features from its predecessors but we think it still looks awesome. The Galaxy S4 comes in the Phablet section as it has a 5 inch display and its design is very similar to the Galaxy S3. The only noticeable difference is that the display of S4 uses dimension corners very well.

Center CPU

Galaxy S4 is powered by Samsung’s latest eight core processor with the Exynos 5 chipset. It also has a quad core GPU from PowerVR. To meet the storage requirements of the CPU and GPU the device has a massive 2GB of RAM and minimum 16GB of internal storage.

I must say the processor is really good and you’ll experience fastest and best mobile multi-tasking on the S4.

If you haven’t used a quad core processor smartphone then I’m very confident in saying that you’ll be satisfied with its performance and no other device will beat the S4.


The S4 is available in three internal storage versions i.e. 16, 32 and 64GB while storage expansion options are also available which supports microSD card of maximum 64GB size.

Storage capacity is fine but according to me Samsung should have provided it with one more internal storage option i.e. 128GB rather than providing it with storage expansion.

Samsung Galaxy S4Display

The S4 display has been added on Super AMOLED panel which measures 5 inch diagonally and provides resolution of 1080×1920 pixels that is full HD resolution display.

The display supports multi-touch feature and all full HD videos and movies were playing comfortably.

Operating System

S4 operates on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 which is the latest Android version currently available. This version is not only the latest but also the best one since it has many unique features including Google Now, Gesture typing keyboard, buttery smooth performance, new camera app, better battery life, etc.


The rear camera has got a 13MP sensor which is supported by LED flash. The camera quality is superb not only due to 13MP sensor but also because of the camera software.

The camera has many good features – a few of them are HRD, dual shot, simultaneously HD video and image recording, image stabilization, face detection and smile detection. Although it missed out on video stabilization feature but still a great rear camera.

To enable video calling it has a 2MP sensor at front camera which is also capable of recording full HD quality videos. So the camera section is firmly standing well.


It has got 2G, 3G and also LTE (4G) cellular network support but if you still demand for more data connectivity features then it is packed in with dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Infra red and one microUSB port. If you still using traditional SIM card then you need to get a microSIM card for this device.

Dimension and Weight

The build of the device doesn’t give a luxurious feeling and it weighs about 130 grams which is a remarkably light considering all the features.

Samsung Galaxy S4

It measures about 136.6mm long, 69.8mm wide and just 7.9mm thick. I already discussed about that Samsung has done really well in making the device compact in spite of having 5 inch wider display.


The S4 has got all traditional smartphone sensors like accelerometer, gyro, compass, proximity and barometer but it has also got a few more like temperature, gesture and humidity. These features will help this device to do more for you and stylishly too!

Other features on the S4 are wireless charging, S voice natural voice, smart stay, smart pause, smart scroll, air gestures, 50GB of free Dropbox storage, HTML5 browser, TV out and lots of apps from Samsung and Google.

Battery Life

Galaxy S4 is packed in with 2600mAh standard battery which provides a very impressive battery life i.e. 15 hours on 3G network.


So now if you’re impressed by the features and want them in your smartphone then go for S4 but if you too disappointed with its design then stick to your current smartphone or wait for something better to arrive.

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