How to Make Free Calls from Your Computer with Nimbuzz

There are many software products which are available over the internet which provide a single user interface to let users chat with their multiple social networks. I mean to say that you can easily chat from all your social networks friends’ together right at one single place. You don’t need to login separately to each social network profile as this is all done for you in one single process (after an initial setup stage).

Nimbuzz is on such client that lets users communicate with friends on multiple social networks on a single interface at the same time. The user interface of the software is also very impressive and the complete tools and features are very easy to use.

Nimbuzz Installation and Setup

NimbuzzThe software is so light in weight that it got installed and setup on my PC within a minute. I really liked this aspect of Nimbuzz as it didn’t waste lots of time in installing.

After installing I clicked on Create New Account and setting up the new account was very comfortable. Everything went on trouble free and I was asked to enter my mobile phone number to complete the setup as Nimbuzz allows free calls as well. For more details of the login and sign up process please read this article: Nimbuzz Login and Sign up

Facebook Connect

You can use the communities feature to connect with all your Facebook friends right on the Nimbuzz. Now the benefit of doing this is that you don’t need to sign into the Facebook account to chat with your friends as Nimbuzz will let you do that comfortably.

Not just Facebook, you can add Yahoo Messenger and even Gtalk in the list and you’ll get all your contacts synchronized here at one place.

How to Make Free Calls from Your Computer?

Now as this little software is installed and setup on your computer so you can start calling your friends unlimited for free but make sure they also have Nimbuzz.

This feature is very much similar to the free voice call service of Skype. On Skype you need to purchase Skype credit if you want to call any land line phone number or mobile from Skype and Nimbuzz is the same.

You need to purchase Nimbuzz credits in order to make free calls from your computer to any mobile number in any country.

Make Free Calls from Your Computer

To make free call, move onto any of your friend’s profile in the Nimbuzz and then you’ll get option to make call when you right click on that profile.

That’s it! Making free call via Nimbuzz is so easy. I did it with few of my Gtalk and Facebook friends and found the voice quality impressive. The Nimbuzz developers have done great work to produce a product which can compete with Skype.

So are you going to use it over Skype? One feature of Nimbuzz can let you switch to it which is it is very light in weight.

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