How to Speed Up Google Chrome Instantly

Chrome is the fastest web browser but still users are not satisfied with its speed. It is based on Chromium source code which offers better security, fastest browsing speed and better stability.

Speed Up Google Chrome Instantly

Speed Up Google Chrome Instantly

But for those users who are not satisfied with the browsing speed they are getting via Chrome I’m here with some tips on How to speed up Google Chrome instantly.

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Google Chrome Update

The first thing I’ll recommend you to do is update version of Chrome you’re using right now. By default, Chrome comes with automatic update enable and it stays up to date automatically but if in case you’re facing slow speed then you need to check for its update.

Google Chrome Update

Click on the menu button at top right corner and choose “About Google Chrome” option. Here you’ll find option to update the Chrome if it is not up to date.

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The reason why I’m recommending you to update is because Chrome developers are working all the time to bring out updates to the Chrome which will make it further fast and secure. They also fix bugs time to time and improve the features.

Install Antivirus and Keep it Update

If there are any infections in your system then they will make your PC’s performance slow down. They also affect application’s performance and this is why they can slow down Chrome as well. So always keep an antivirus in your system and also keep it update. Also scan for infections using that antivirus at least one time in a week.

Before choosing any antivirus check whether it is providing online internet protection or not. This feature is very important and it should be there in the antivirus program you’re about to use. Most of the infections are downloaded from internet only so you should protect your PC by them using “Online Protection” feature. I’ll recommend Microsoft Security Essential if you’re using Windows Vista, Seven or Eight operating system.


If you’re not aware about extensions and not using those on your Chrome then skip this heading. But if you’re using extensions on your browser then try removing them and then check the browsing speed. Extensions are not developed by official Chrome developers, so there can be bugs in them which will definitely going to affect actual speed of Chrome.

By adding extensions, you are increasing functionality of Chrome a little bit but on other hand they can affect the performance as well. Whenever you install any extension then do check for reviews done by other users before using that.


The major issue faced by Chrome user is the failure of flash player while you loading any website that is having rich HTML content i.e. high quality pictures or videos. The flash player crashes because there are two flash player installed on your system.

Earlier when you’re using Mozilla Firefox then you need to install a separate flash player (like Adobe Flash Player) but in case of Chrome, flash player is in built (Shockwave Flash). If you still install any other flash player then chrome will start using both of them and sometimes conflicts occur and chrome gets confused while choosing one flash player out of those two.

This is the reason why flash player crashes and users face this problem. This issue also slows down the performance of the Chrome and sometimes becomes very hectic as it doesn’t allow pages to load quickly or successfully. Follow steps mentioned below to speed up in this situation,

  1. Open new tab in Chrome, write “chrome://plugins/” and press enter.
  2. This will open all the plugins installed on Chrome. Look for two flash player listings on this page.
  3. Disable Adobe Flash Player from the option so that Chrome is allowed to access only one plugin which is its default one.

Chrome Plugins

That’s it! Now Chrome will use only one plugin and you’ll not face that issue again. If you still face that problem then disable “Shockwave Flash” and enable Adobe Flash Player.

If you find any other plugin which is of no use for you then disable that. I disabled Chrome PDF Viewer because I like using Adobe Reader. You can disable any other plugin if you find listed there which is of no use for you.

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    nice post krishna

    Google chrome is one of the best browser coz of its awesome features
    In your post u gave detail about the plugins sections. I was unaware of that plugins which are always enabled. I’ve disabled all plugins of my Chrome and i can see the improvement in the performance

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